questionswhat has been the most popular deal ever on deals…


@cengland0: Wow, that's crazy! Especially for a no-name digital camera, even though it was a sponsored deal. I've never seen one that high - good find!


@jwildman16: The highest number for a non-sponsored deal was 8 months ago with 625 votes:

The next best deal posted was when snapster left and a special shirt was offered. It received 568 votes:


If you add up all the different times that Firefly and Serentiy have been posted, it's probably the most popular.


@cengland0: how are you finding these, out of curiosity?


@thedogma: In the community deals section, there is a search feature at the top of the list of deals but under the sponsored deals.

Step 1. Click on the "Advanced Search" link.
Step 2. In the Sorted By section, click on the "most votes" radio button.
Step 3. In the "Within section" check or uncheck "sponsored deals" or "community deals"
Step 4. It will not search if everything is blank so in the "stores" section, type in an unusual letter combination in the "none of these stores" box. I just type a k.
Step 5. Click on the search.


@cengland0: Actually the second most voted deal was: this with 625 votes.

@thedogma: it's all in the advanced search function:

All I did was did a keyword search for “a” the shortest and most common used word deal posts, and it came up with those results. I'm sure there is a better way to do it, maybe the mods will know. But all of the most popular deals I can remember showed up when I did that search.

EDIT you beat me by a second or two.


@cengland0: WOW! That was like time traveling! I read all the comments and felt kinda creepy. Great find!


And now I'm curious on the LOWEST rated deal of all time. A (always) free trial of Netflix? A disclaimer ridden vacation package? A fake mystery box BOC ripoff?