questionshave you seen this awesome seat belt commercial?


I have not seen it before.
Thank you for sharing.

I was brought up w/ seat belts way before they were required. I don't even think about it, It's automatic for me to put it on.
Thanks Mom and Dad.


@ceagee: I didn't grow up with seat belts. We mostly had cars with bench style seats. But my first car had bucket seats and the seat belts seemed like a natural part of the seat. so I quickly became used to wearing them. Not long after I got my first car I started dating a guy whose hobby was four-wheeling in the desert. He had professional webbing style seat belts installed, and we even put one in the back seat for my Irish Setter. Given the constant possibility of rollover on that vehicle (he was a welder and had built a super-structure around the whole Jeep so it could safely roll) the engine never started till everyone was safely belted in.


Seen it before a year or so ago, but worth seeing again.

I have had my life saved by a seatbelt twice - with neither incident being my fault.

While sometimes they seem like a nuisance, believe me, when you need them you NEED them...and you can't plan for that occurrence.


My son is alive today because I nagged and insisted my boys always wear seat belts. Beautiful video, thanks for sharing!


Saw this PSA a couple of years ago and loved its simple profundity.

My dad enjoyed watching sports-car racing. By the late 50's he'd decided that if "safety belts" were good for race drivers, they were good for us, and he had belts custom installed in our cars' front seats. My mom complained they wrinkled her dresses; my dad replied that it was better to have a wrinkled dress than a wrinkled face. I can't drive without a safety belt; mine is fastened even to go 100' across a parking lot.

My son once rolled his car off a steep interstate embankment; witnesses said it appeared to have rolled sideways four or five times then flipped nose over tail another three or four times. He walked away with a bad headache from the roof denting in; police couldn't believe he'd survived. Several years ago The Spouse and I were in a serious wreck when a young man ran a red light, totaling all three cars involved. Safety belts saved eight people from significant injuries in those two crashes.


I ran out of space before I could add the most compelling part of the story: the young man who ran the red light? He and his girlfriend had bought a new car seat for their year-old baby earlier that day, since the old one had broken the week before and she'd just been holding the baby in her lap till they could get the new seat. The six adults were pretty shaken up; the baby was only a bit scared by the crash.