questionswhat would be your favorite holodeck program?


Do you mean other than the almost obligatory porno one? ;)


something something Counselor Troi


I think I'd want something outdoorsy. A forest of giant trees to hike about in; a rocky ocean coast and an old log to sit with my back against and contemplate life, the universe and everything; a quiet pond with lots of smooth rocks perfect for skipping; mountains and rivers full of deer and marmots for hiking and white water rafting.
Pretty much the places I dream of being able to go when I'm stuck in Cubeville on a random Wednesday afternoon.


I'd probably be a Holodeck addict like Barclay, hah. I'd do everything there. I would definitely "travel" the world and other planets in the holodeck.


@anotherhiggins: you know she was naked with her boobs out getting whipped in the 80's movie "the wicked lady", right? (only "R" rated, though)