questionshow does ohcheri! get their deals to the top…


It's hard to say why. @ohcheri is a well-respected member of this community, contributes other deals, answers questions, posts good deals from her own site, has excellent customer service AND posts thumbnails of hot chicks with her deals. I'll have to think on this one..... ;)


I just vote for @ohcherie because of the articles. :)


Duplicate :-)

We appreciate our fans and they appreciate us, nuff said?


@jsimsace lol, OK, yes the hot girls part, no question this is part of it...

@ohcheri - certainly didn't mean to offend. I actually thought it was quite a commendable accomplishment. I'm also sorry I hadn't searched out just your user name to get the answer to this question. I actually searched the very question, BEFORE I asked it. So I guess I'm sorry for upsetting you. Didn't think that trying to glean a little bit of insight was much harm. I appreciate your response, but do wish it wasn't so... sharp..? I do like your products myself, and enjoy your website, it's done very tastefully. Best of luck, I'll try not to cross you again in the future thought.


@Ohcheri definitely gets upvoted due to the eye candy nature of her deals but it has to be more than that because none of the other lingerie deals get upvoted and most show a net downvote.

What @jsimsace states above is all true, plus I will note that @ohcheri's deals offer free shipping, something missing from almost all of the other lingerie deals.


@jimlee29: I didn't intend to appear "sharp", only helpful. Just pointing you in the right direction to get answers to your question.


@jimlee29: @ohcheri is an active participant in all areas of this community. she not only posts her deals, she helps with cleaning when others post her stuff then don't expire it, she asks and answers questions, she votes, she comments. she keeps it to one or two items listed at a time, not an inventory listing of her site like certain other sites do. i have seen her listings, but never clicked thru (because i'm not into lingerie), her pics are tastefully done-not lightweight porn. and for the record i have seen several times when she has gotten 20 or more downvotes on items.


@moosezilla: thank you. Very valid points, greatly summarized. I also agree that everything is very tasteful. @ohcheri: thank you for following up on my last post, I know you didn't have to or need to. I probably simply misinterpreted your post, successful people are busy and don't have time to beat around the bush ;)


How many other DW-ers have a top-10 song named after them?


honest seller who is upfront with their terms, sells good products at excellent prices and is a respected member of the DW community.

Nuff said.


@kamikazeken: took the exact sentiment right out of my mouth. Er, keyboard.