questionshow often do you perform a random act of kindness?


I honestly try to at least SAY something nice three times a day. Of course, the nicest things are the ones you can't plan/don't expect.


The schedule of my random acts of kindness is pretty erratic... I guess you could say they just happen randomly.


Whenever I'm inspired. The trick is to not be "too busy" to follow through once inspired.


Last time we were on vacation we were in a restaurant and there was a family having an issue with their son. He was in his teens and had a severe case of autism or something along those lines. He would start to get very loud and physically violent and his family would calm him down. Unfortunately it got to the point where family members had to escort him out. When they tried to do so he started fighting with them and caused a pretty big scene. The rest of the family looked helpless and we felt terrible for them. We were in Disney "the happiest place on earth" and that's how the family was going to remember their trip? As we finished our meal we asked our waiter to put their tab on our bill. We asked him not to tell them until we left. I figured if its at all possible for them to think of the meal and remember the gesture as opposed to the issue it would make the event a little more tolerable.

Although they may not all be to that extent I try to perform them when I see they are needed.


sometimes when i go through the drive-through at Wendy's/etc., I'll pay for the person behind me. i do this about twice a month. also, i always smile at ppl i make eye contact with on the streets. doesn't take much to encourage others to pass on the kindness


I think of it as an act of courtesy more than an act of kindness I guess, but I always hold doors open for people. Some walk through with not even a glance, but many look at me and look astonished and say thank you. I think it something of a "lost art" of putting someone else before you. Thinking of the most recent big lottery, one of my friends once said, "What if he gets the winning number because you opened the door for him?" I said, then its meant to be for him.

It seems that more common courtesies of allowing someone ahead of you, opening doors and helping that older person reach an item on the top shelf are long gone. But, if I make one persons day a year by doing it, I'll keep doing it.


@cornellbigred: i do that too, tbh. in sit-down restaurants as well when i see someone who might benefit from the gesture (various reasons).

as for answering the often as the opportunity presents itself. it kind of defeats the purpose if you gloat about it though.


Whenever the opportunity presents itself, randomly!

I agree with the idea smiling at people, I always do, and it sometimes can make all the difference in the world to someone. I like to think that by smiling or doing other little things for other (or not so little), it will come back to you in a good way. It's pretty much why I do! And, even if it never does, it makes me feel better, and doesn't hurt me in any way, so why not?