questionswhich (sub $100) sennheiser headphones would you…

vote-for2vote-against might have some good suggestions but you'll want to price check recommendations to be most current.


I know they are right on the limit at $100, but I picked up these recently on a coworkers suggestion and absolutely love them. Great sound quality and it totally blocks out the sound of screaming monkeys flying through the air.


The best Sennheiser headphones I can recommend would be the Shure SRH440's.


I don't much about Sennheisers, but I have a Sennheiser headset and it's fine.

I have a pair of Etymotic Research in-ear headphones and love them, despite the fact that I cannot stand in-ear headphones. They do a great job of eliminating the noise of your surroundings, they're comfortable for long periods of time (I wear them for 6 hour coast-to-coast flights with very little fatigue), and they are super portable.

I also have a pair of Grado SR60 cans. They're great--comfortable, affordable, and offer great sound quality. They do not, however, cancel any surrounding noise since they're open.

I don't think you can go wrong with the Sennheisers in your price range:


OP: Do you know if you want circumaural (surrounding ear), supraaural (resting on ear) or in-ear headphones? Wireless or Bluetooth?

I love my HD 280 PRO (circumaural, wired), which had heavy use during my gaming days. A plus for travel-usage is that it is collapsible.

Amazon link to HD 280 PRO Pay particular attention to the first review about head size and stretching the phones. I had the same problem.


Whichever you get, before you buy from anyone that isn't Amazon, Newegg, etc, CHECK THIS:

Or this, for the places that DO sell them:

Note that Amazon is an authorized seller, but they frequently list third party sellers that peddle counterfeit Sennheiser products.

There are very convincing fakes everywhere (if the price is too good to be true, it probably is), and if they go bad, there's no warranty.

I found that out the hard way. Although my fake HD212 Pro's are very comfortable.

All that said, I HD448 from Amazon (real ones), and they're pretty awesome. They cost me $46, but all the ones on Amazon now are more than your budget and all from unauthorized sellers.


Definitely the HD280. And (if you're still following this really old thread) they're on sale right now for $59, which is an excellent price.