questionswhich cell phone company has the fastest network?


I use the Sprint network through Ting. I rarely get a 4G connection, but when I do it's quite fast. AT&T is probably the way to go. They've been struggling to get their network up to spec for the demand of the iPhone for years, and now that iPhone is starting to show up on more and more carriers I think they have more average excess capacity than the others as people start to leave AT&T.


Any carrier other than mine. :(


The best service really depends where you live. For example, here in Los Angeles the "4G" on my iPhone 4s (AT&T) works like it should (fast, reliable, etc) whereas down in Riverside (like further away from a large city) on certain areas (if not most areas) my speeds are crappy to the point where watching videos could take minutes to load but calls still work. I would guess that data usage is very high some areas in Riverside and the severs can't take the load there (which also happens to be a non-4G area but still says 4G on my phone).

A simple google search may help for example; [insert service provider here] reviews in [insert city here] to see if you can find anything related or you could check out and put in your zip code and see if someone submitted any reviews.

The review sites are endless!!