questionschallenge: cd - r deal


o0o, that's pretty much what I'm looking for


I've had luck with this site before:
But right now it looks like the cheapest they have are $0.18 each, and that's for an off-brand.

How important is quality to you? For the best burn-rate (getting the fewest "coasters" possible), Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim (made in Japan) are generally considered the best.

Right now NewEgg has a 100-pack spindle of Verbatim CD-Rs for $16 w/ Free Shipping. Considering that there's also no tax (for most), this might actually be cheaper than the TDKs at Office Max (where most of us would have to pay tax). Only $0.16/each:
Unfortunately they seem to have been made in Taiwan, not Japan. But they still get terrific reviews.

For really good discs that will last longer (better for archiving important stuff), here are some Taiyo Yudens. The 600-pack (you did say bulk) brings it down to $0.22/each:


I took the newegg deal. But I'm keeping that 600 pack in the back of my mind. Thanks!