questionswhere do you take your first bite of a chocolate…


Ears are the the starting place! Yummy, yummy bunny ears!


Ears first - but only the solid bunny - for some reason, the hollow bunny does not taste as good to me.


Traditionally, I'd say go for the ears... You get the benefit of being able to fill it with milk (do that in a bowl, in case your hollow bunny isn't quite seaworthy).

Then again, you could always bite the tail off, and claim that the bunny got what was coming to it -- bad karma coming to bite it in the butt :D


I stuff the whole thing in my mouth because I'm a man.


Baby Jesus cries if you bite the butt first.


I start at his feet and I don't stop no matter how loud that thing screams or how hard it kicks. oh wait, chocolate rabbits, sorry.