questionswhat is your favorite childhood video game?


So hard to narrow it down to even 5-6 games, but I'll do my best

Battletoads (original) on NES

Gradius III on SNES

Earthworm Jim on Sega Genesis

Demolition Racer on Sega Dreamcast

Original Halo on Xbox

Mario 3 on NES

Mario Kart Double Dash on Gamecube


Duke Nukem for MS-DOS. Gex for Win 95 for sure. Crash Bandicoot for PS. There are a few others that I can picture playing as a younger person, but cannot remember their names. I think Hover was one of them as well. If I remember them I'll update.



It was so cool - NOTHING like it before that time.


Crash Bandicoot 2. I was limited in what games I could get pretty much until I could pay for them myself, but I had some good ones in there. Crash 2 is my favorite of the series.

If ever there was a game prime for a gritty reboot...


What age do you specify as being "a kid"? I am going to assume you mean under 10.

If so, I remember fondly Civ II, sonic on gamegear, mario on gameboy, toejam and earl on genesis.....reader rabbit.


I always loved Bubble Bobble.

The music will burrow its way into your brain and drive you crazy.


#1 Legend of Zelda
#2 Ms Pac Man
#3 Galaga
#4 Super Mario 3
#5 Almost any pinball game


Baseball Stars on NES

Don't know why, but it was cool that you could build dudes stats and stuff

2) Original Zelda
3) Super Mario Bros.

"Santa" got me the original NES Christmas '86 - my best x-mas ever.


E.T. for Atari 2600. Something very Zen about falling into pits repeatedly.


et was horrible, lol :)

My favorites were moon patrol, pitfall, and kaboom, on the atari system. A little later, super mario bros, and zelda ruled my life for a bit.

Super mario 3 occupied an entire summer, morning till night. I needed more parental guidance.


Galaga. When I happen to see it at an arcade or something, I'll still stop and play it.


All for the Atari 2600



What're you waitin' for? Christmas?


I had heard of Pong, but the closest thing I had to a video game was Merlin. I got from dumpster diving after a family moved out of our apartment complex. I still have that game, though it's packed away right now, and it still works! My parents could have never afforded anything like it, and the thought of someone just throwing it away blew my mind. On my dad's next payday they bought batteries for it. It was, and is, a real treasure to me.


I know I spent the most time with Super Mario World, but Contra 3 is my favorite.

vote-for1vote-against childhood video games seem to have been from a slightly different era than most so far. I played mostly Final Fantasy RPG's from the SNES to the Playstation 1, though I'd never turn down a nice round of Mario.


All the old school Activision games on the Atari 2600.

No, no, mustn't stare off into space wistfully... got work to do...


Dig Dug
Super Mario Brothers 1
Toe Jam and Earl 1


Ultima III: Exodus - NES
Dragon Warrier - NES
Zelda - NES
Contra - NES Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start.... 30 guys time to beat the game.
Dr Mario -NES because the whole family liked it.

@inkycatz: Kaboom, Pit Fall. No work for you!


Does Zork count? Ah, the many times I was eaten by a grue.

I was a Pong child, too. When I saw Space Invaders for the first time, my head just about exploded from the coolness.


#1 Shining Force - Sega Genesis
#2 Gunstar Heroes - Sega Genesis
#3 Streets of Rage 2 - Sega Genesis


Tron was an amazing game.
The impressive cabinet, the sounds, the lights. It was a work of art.

Robotron was pretty good.

Journey (arcade game) was funny.