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@xarous: Thanks! I figured it was too good to be true.


Update: I actually had a good customer service experience with I ordered the Deborah Lippman nail polish which retails for about $18. The blingdaily sale price was $11, and they mentioned a $3 discount code here on deals.woot.

I read the company reviews and the negative ones were mostly about electronics, and I figured "How bad could they mess up a bottle of nail polish?"

I could not get the coupon code to work after many attempts. I e-mailed customer service, but the sale was ending in a few hours, so I went ahead and placed the order at $11. I received my order in 7 days, and the product was fine.

I received a reply from customer service the same day I received my package, asking if I had been logged in when I entered the coupon code (I had). I responded that yes, I had been logged in, and they could credit my paypal account if they were so inclined.

I guessed that would be the last I would hear about it, but a day later, they DID give me a $3 credit.


Continued: I was very surprised and happy to receive the credit. I mean, it's only $3 but it did a lot for my opinion of

I just wanted to update this old thread, in case anyone does a search for this company here on DW in the future.

Taking the negative reviews I read elsewhere into account, I don't know that I would order any electronics from them in the future. But my gamble paid off, and although customer service was a little slow, they eventually came through for me.