questionsi need some ideas for my mom's 60th birthday gift…


Don't know if this will work for you, but for my mom's last big birthday, we had a small family party. Her kids, their spouses and grandkids. We all wrote down favorite memories having to do with mom/grandma. Since she was turning 75, we came up with 75 memories. Lots of them were funny and silly, but all were heartfelt by the person who came up with it. I then printed them all on little slips of paper, and then put the slips in a vase (or whatever vessel you prefer -- candy dish, serving bowl, etc).

After she unwrapped the gift, she read each slip out loud. It was so much fun, and touching too. She really enjoyed the gift and being reminded of so many things from the past.


Ya'll should go sky diving together.


Does she like tea?
For my mother and my father's 60th birthdays, I gave them packages of six tea bags (Get it? 6-tea?) They both appreciate a good bad pun. You could sweeten the deal (literally) with some local gourmet honey or a tasty treat to go with the tea.

Or you could head over to Woot and pick up 6 t-shirts.


One thing you could consider is a photo frame with pictures of all of the family pre-loaded. Another would be to interview the family members and edit up a DVD with their birthday greetings.


@pitamuffin: That's awesome. We did a similar thing for my MIL 80th bday. We had a surprise party and invited as many family and friends that could come. She is the type that mothers everyone she comes in contact with, so she is beloved in the community. She rarely takes time for herself so this was a great opportunity to put the spotlight on her. Everyone was mailed an index card with the invitation and we collected them (had blanks for people that forgot) at the party. We asked that everyone share their favorite memory of her. Many people read their own in a "roast" type thing, although most memories were very touching. Anyone that didn't want to read it themselves had them read by me, as the MC. She absolutely loved it. I think it is a wonderful way for a family to share some of their favorite things with a family member and celebrate them.


don't know about the Angels but some teams are involved with the local community & their fan base. Maybe if you contacted the Angels GM office or fan rep, explain your mom's situation & why the birthday is so special, they would assist you in putting together a themed gift.


@sassymango: I can't top that. It sounds like an excellent plan.


@sassymango: +1. Exactly what I was going to suggest.

In addition, does she have any favorite players? I assume Mike Trout has to be one, since he just finished that incredible season. If so, you can try contacting the player directly (twitter/facebook/etc.) to see if you can arrange a meet. It might be tougher since it's the off-season, but you never know.

Good luck.


Thanks everyone, I'm going to get right on this!!