questionshow can i get ahold of customer service?


Send an e-mail to detailing your problem. They'll help you out.


Please keep in mind, if you are trying to locate customer service for an item bought from the community deals section that our customer service only handles items sold via woot. Unfortunately I can't tell if this is the case due to lack of information here. Thanks for understanding in advance!


What @captainsuperdawg said is correct if you are referring to one of the "other"" woot properties. If you are referring to a vendor on deals.woot you will need to contact that specific vendor. Deals.woot doesn't sell anything, they just pimp it out.

EDIT: @inkycatz types faster than me. :)


Who are these people who post one question, get it answered, and never come back to reply? @sbeckham even made a new question without responding to the original! I've helped probably close to 20 people find and don't even get a reply back, are they reading the answers at all?? Man this can get frustrating!


How hard is it really to read the FAQ of the website? Seriously?