questionsin four short hours, i am off to camp with my son…


Have a great time! Miss having my kids around to do things like this with. Some of my very best experiences were because of scouting from childhood into adulthood. Good on you spending time with your kids.


Good luck, have fun, and be safe.


Ferber Bear Grylls knife? Is that similar to the Gerber model? LOL J/K have a great time! Up here in NW MT (Glacier NP area) we are already in full-on camping & paddling mode! Heading to Yellowstone next week for a few days of tourist watching!


Have a great time!

This was always one of the funnest thing I did with my Dad when I was young. If he enjoys the trips, encourage him to stick with it into Boyscouts and make it to Eagle. I know the BSA has got a bad wrap lately for the gay issues, but get him into a solid troop that really cares and you'll be happy with his experience and he'll make some long lasting friends.

I received my Eagle Scout award at 16, I'm now 25 and it's still one of the most talked about things on my resume. No one has ever asked about my college GPA but EVERYONE has noted my Eagle Scout Award.


@nmchapma: Congratulations on the Eagle Scout. As you well know, it's no minor thing and takes true dedication to earn it.

FYI, the BSA isn't taking hits just for the gay issue but also for the sexual abuse cases revealed in the files the BSA recently released.


UP VOTE!!! Sound like fun .... is there a question in there though :)


Have fun! My Wolf Cub son and I are going to council camp next week.