questionshow do you patch a hoodie?


Duct tape! It fixes everything and looks fashionable, too. Or you could try staples. I hear they're good for putting antlers on mice.


That depends on how fancy/ unnoticeable you want the patch to be. If you're cool with it being semi-noticeable, I'd grab a square of fabric a similar color and just hand sew it in. Make sure you don't go all the way through the hood, but just through the half/ side that's damaged. Just sew tightly and it should hold.

It's really not too hard if you've never done it. Thread a needle, place the patch where you want it, and stick the needle through the patch into the thread. Then make a square!

EDIT: This might be of use too.


Safety pins. You can get some cool looking ones at craft stores.


in the fabric dept of walmart they sell iron on patches. even if you don't know how to use an iron you can use one. put a small pan on the stove, heat it (be careful not to use a big pan for it might scorch around to patch).


Clothes cleaning shops usually have a tailor that can perform small repairs for minimal fees. Is it a special hoodie?


There's also fabric glue for small repairs.
None of any of the above suggestions will be unnoticeable, however. Your best bet is to get @Tgentry and/or @profhotpants plastered and coax a replacement out of them.

And next time, do a better job removing the seeds before you spark.

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@cmaxelson: Hey, it is a punk rock hoodie. I could put a band patch over it...


@thedogma: I may just do that! Now to find a place nearby that sells fabric.


@gatzby: Some Walmarts sell fabric. Also since you don't need much do you have any old clothes etc you are getting rid of? Or a thrift store even if you would rather not go to a "fabric store"


@chellemonkey: I honestly don't know where the nearest Walmart is, but I think it's a painful commute without a car. I should have a sewing kit and some old woot shirts, though...

You think that will stop it from further "tearing" in the wash?


I think maybe southcenter has a fabric store. Or maybe try and see if Target has some basic patches?


Probably best to just sew it closed.

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@gatzby: Microwave sewing! The other way involved that danged iron on/peel off paper/seal the edges with glue PITA Martha Stewart "make it look invisible" repair. Eventually the staples rust, but that can work in your favor too. Just don't wear that hoodie in Florida, 'cause according to Geraldo, yo, clothes can make or break ya, know what ahm sayin'?