questionscan someone tell me what the shipping dates given…


Generally Woot takes about 5 business days to ship out the product. From there, the product ships out with Fedex Smartpost or an equivalent slow shipping method. In my experience, Smartpost takes a little over a week to arrive from the shipping date.

I'm not sure if you are taking this in to account but remember the date you place the order does not count as one of the business days.

Regardless, you will eventually get your order. Woot is definitely a lot quicker than they used to be, but still much slower than Amazon.


Take a gander at this handy-dandy (I hope) thing I wrote this weekend:


The short of @ThunderThighs awesome info-post there is this:
"On the sale page, you'll see something like "In Stock, ships in... business days" That's the time to process and get the package out the door. Then shipping takes 3-8 days for standard shipping. You want to add the two together to get an approximate time it will take to get to your door. "

In other words, processing can take 1-8 days, depending on where your order is coming from. After that is when those shipping estimations kick in.



This is extremely helpful information and it has made a world of difference to me. Thanks for making my introduction to Woot a pleasant experience.


I've also had occasions where it shows in process/shipping right up until I receive the item! Happened with the last item I bought. I got an email telling me my item was shipping . . . the day after I received it.