questionshas woot ever dropped an item price during theā€¦


Can't think of a time I've even seen one.

Closest I can think of is a wootoff where the same item gets offered twice and is cheaper the second time.


Nope. Haven't seen (or noticed) previous price drops. Methinks someone didn't do enough research on these. A huge OOPS and/or mea culpa.


I saw one a few days ago on kids.woot for the night RC helicopter, as well as sometime last month I think for the grow your own mushroom kits. Never seen two in one day before.


I have to see a couple more to buy the Dell.....


Seen a few. Even a few this drastic.


The main woot one just dropped again to $179.99 and sellout to $139.99. Or was that the same drop you were talking about?

How low can you go?


I remember Woot dropped the price of an A/V Receiver a couple of months ago when a lot of posts were comparing to similar pricing around the net. The drop was only about 10% and not the huge drops like today.


I've seen small drops before, like $5 or $10 off a camera or an refurbished iPod Touch. Never seen large drops like these, let alone 2-3 in one day.


This has happened in the past, but only when there was an error in pricing: it was supposed to be a lower price and for some reason the post had a wrong one. The correction was usually made in a few hours. This did not seem to be any kind of a clerical error.


At least once I've seen the price get dropped when a commenter points out better deals at other places. Woot usually does their best to keep their prices at least a little bit better than anywhere else.


At least @thunderthighs answered a big question before anyone took issue: "Just a reminder that if you purchased at a different price, you will get this new price via a refund on the charged amount."

If I had purchased it and then they dropped the price like this and didn't adjust for all I would be pissed. Glad Woot is looking out for the early buyers like usual without having to go thru the hassle of e-mailing them for the adjustment.


Never noticed it before...but if it's an item I'm not interested in I wouldn't notice a price drop anyway.


Well, they did drop the price on the glow-in-the-dark helicopter at Kids.Woot just the day before.

I guess it happens, but I don't think they dropped it twice like they did with the Streak. That said, the original price was really not too competitive with what the Streak offers. It's not Woot, but...the Dell. The tablet landscape has changed, and with Amazon's Kindle Fire, this was not a good deal (now it's a lot more reasonable).


I've seen price adjustments before, but usually only one. An earlier poster referenced the helicopters earlier this week, there was something a week or two ago too. It does happen--woot is good enough to recognize that sometimes deals change! and they refund the difference if you bought it at the higher price. I haven't ever seen it drop in price twice, though!