questionsis the downloadable game "journey" on ps3 worth…


In my opinion, absolutely-it is one of the most meaningful and beautiful games I have ever played. However, it's important going into buying it that you understand that you're paying for an experience, not a traditional video game. It takes maybe 2-2.5 hours to finish one play-through. In my mind, I've paid more than that for my favorite movies, and none of them can touch the quality of this game. If you're looking for something unique and are interested in art in video games, it's great. If you want a long game of fighting, shooting, leveling, etc, look elsewhere.


Its a little late but I agree totally with vecry. It is an amazing experience, not a "game" in a traditional sense. Very much worth the price.


I've heard of it too. I guess I'll have to check it out sometime. My ps3 is more or less collecting dust right now. Maybe this will give me the kick to start playing some more.