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Kleenex and qtips are brands. So I call them tissues and cotton swabs


Being one of the consumerist masses, I call them Kleenex and qtips. I know it's wrong, but it feels sooooo right.


Brand names become common usage. Most people call Acetaminophen by the brand name Tylenol.


@okham: Ditto for me. When I was little, whenever I heard someone ask for a tissue I just gave them a funny look!


I use tissues but say Q-tip because when I say cotton swab, people look at me like they don't know what I'm talking about. Then they say, "What the heck is a cotton swab?"

I use photocopy instead of Xerox.

Still use Band Aid instead of the generic term (whatever that is).

I use Soda or Cola instead of the word Coke.

Use Post-It notes instead of Sticky notes just because I cannot remember the generic name fast enough.

Use Velcro instead of hook and loop fasteners. Tried it the right way and people still don't know what hook and loop fasteners are.

I worked for a company that gave away "Frisbee" toys. Turns out that we were not allowed to call them that because of the trademarked name so we had to start calling them fun flyers.

Regarding most drugs, I refer to them by the trademarked name all the time such as Loratab, Klonopin, Percocet, etc., regardless if the person is taking the generic or not.


Kleenix. And all carbonated soft drinks are Cokes to me. Popular question here down South: "What kind of Coke do you want?"


It's funny, I call them tissues because "Kleenex is a brand name!!" but thinking about it now I realize that I say Q-tip, Band-aid, Post-it, Velcro, Tylenol, Frisbee....I'm just a big sell out and didn't even realize it. Thanks a lot :(


Kleenex is a brand name, but it is one that is so synonymous with the product that you probably can't even name another company that makes "facial tissues". I call them kleenex, much like we all probably call the machine that resurfaces an ice rink a zamboni. That's a brand name too, by the way.


@idiotwind13: I think puffs has done a good job getting their name out with cute claymation-esque commercials.

I call them all TP regardless what it is.
Q-tip here

also @cengland0 put me in with you for saying (diet)cola. My friends always give me the weirdest look and make fun of me, but I never get asked "is pepsi alright?" it's very efficient.


I can't stand it when people use "iPod" for everything mp3's I try to stay true with my philosophy and call them tissues, lipbalm (except we always have chapstick, so it's ok when I say that :D )... I usually call cotton swabs Qtips though :3


Kleenex and tissues. I use both names interchangeably.


I am a good consumer so I use Kleenex, QTip, Coke (also because I prefer Coke over Pepsi), Velcro, etc.


I use q-tips and kleenex as generic terms for those items, but use the actual generic names acetaminophen and ibuprofen irregardless of the actual brand.


I also say tissues and q-tips. English is not my mother tongue, so I use whatever I have heard the most, sometimes without even knowing that it is a brand name.


Kleenex, end of discussion.


I say tissues. I do call all adhesive bandages 'band-aids', and all cotton swabs 'Q-tips', though.


I tend to call it tissue, but I don't always use the generic term for that sort of thing.


When I ask someone for one, I say tissue and q-tip. When I talk about them in general, Kleenex and q-tip.


Can't we all get along? I use both.


Tissue. And I too use the name Q-tip, no matter what dollar store brand I may have bought. A Coke for me can be a Pepsi or Coke, doesn't matter, could even be a Moutain Dew, but no store brand sodas here. Yuk! Or diet. Double Yuk!


Kleenex and Q-tip. I hope that someday I make a product that everyone knows by my brand name, I'll be oh so rich!