questionslooks like marshall jackson/dollardealsclub has…


Not sure about this one, but it looks like they had about 6 or so deals deleted...some large lots of Christian books, Spanish music, etc.
It was large lots of stuff that wasn't particularly special (IMO).


@90mcg112, I suspect that @jumbowoot will want to know about this. I see that they've taken advantage also of waiting until the weekend, perhaps in hopes of skating under the radar.

Thanks for pointing this out.


I find it sad to realize that they've been posting their crap for almost a year. :-(

Once again, thanks for pointing it out.


@shrdlu: If you want to read some creepy tweets, check out MJ's twitterfeed.
EDIT: I'm reluctant to actually put the handle up here, but if you poke around, you can find it.

I have a few SAT words to describe some of the exchanges, but I'll pass (for now).


I know the situation sucks all around, but I loved reading the old threads; they were hilarious! The person got fired, posted an extensive email from his/her boss about not posting, etc. (all allegedly, of course). Woot legend.


One thing for sure: if they haven't cleaned up their act fully, they sure won't last long as an Amazon seller. Amazon doesn't put up with that bull-pucky.