questionsfaster-than-light travel is developed. what kind…


i know it's not fancy, but instantly arriving at the grocery store would be a huge plus to me.


A transporter would be amazingly nice.


Amazon Primo.. I want my MicoSD cards and Accouterments horse head masks TELEPORTED instantly to my house for an additional $3.99.
(Take your pick at how it could get hear.. FTL UPS trucks or transporters - I don't care, just as long as it gets here.)


Whatever kind doesn't matter to me as long as the government stays out of it.


I don't care what kind it is as long as the special effects are good.


not to nerd out, but the Stargates work by creating an artificial wormhole between the 2 gates, so the OP is a bit redundant.

that being said, I'd still prefer a TARDIS.

and THAT being said, the ONLY way the Santa story works in my mind, is if he's a Timelord.(OP mentioned the sleigh/reindeer)
his sleigh/ and bag are bigger on the inside, he comes down the chimney into the fireplace (even if you don't have one), and with the time travel element, visiting every house in the world in one night would be no problem. heck, a tardis is large enough inside, the whole workshop could be in there...


I'd love a site-to-site transporter/teleporter. Not having to spend time in transit would be amazing. I could live where ever I want to, eat lunch with my nephews, dinner with my parents and still be at work the next morning.
I don't think it's physically possible to transport/teleport people as I believe we're more than a sum of our physical parts. But that doesn't mean I don't wish I had one.


Blahblahblah. Giant. Slingshot. Everything else is wrong.


I would love to be able to just teleport, but there's a problem with teleportation:


If it wil help me get a BOC, I'm all for it


Don't really care what it is(though transporters would be nice for more local purposes), but warp drives may actually be the most likely.


Transporter would be incredibly difficult and would be a massive game changer. It'd work any number of ways like:
1 - It'd have to be able to scan and store a blueprint of your body.
2 - Disassemble you, convert you to energy, beam to to your destination, and then reassemble you.
1 - It'd have to be able to scan and store a blueprint of your body.
2 - Disassemble you, send the blueprint to the destination, and they'd reassemble you from the available matter, like say a rock or sewage.

And if they're able to do this, then if someone died, they would retrieve the blueprint from one of the times that person was transported and recreate them from available matter.

And if we're able to manipulate matter at an atomic level - disassemble and reassemble, then economics and scarcity is gone because you'd then be able to turn a rock into food, gold, whatever it is you need. You'd be at where Star Trek Orig Series or Next Gen is.


@first2summit: Not to mention the transporter is not faster then light. If Kirk could shine a laser pointer at the Enterprise the light would hit the Enterprise long before Spock made the trip via transporter.
Ready set GO!

@first2summit: @belyndag: Spoiler alert!!!

Have you ever met someone who thinks fax machines act as transporters, taking the paper scanned and moving it across space to the receiver? It has been a while but I have. I would say, "No they are receiving a copy of your signature."


I think any non-leathal kind would be best.