questionswhat is the best portable dvd player for car…


@wickedd365: Nice!. The only thing missing is some duct tape.


Check your craigslist and be on the lookout for dual systems like the one we sold on CL earlier this summer. It was a Panasonic with a very snug velcro strap device and a safety connector in case the straps give way.

It had a remote and way to plug in headphones as well as external speakers. With the (disposable) laptop (my workplace offloaded some for a great deal for me), it simply obsoleted the DVD player.

The family who bought it was thrilled, as were we. I believe we sold it for about $80, with all the parts and the orig box after paying something like $125 new.


The Philips PD9016/37 9-inch Portable LCD Dual DVD player is great.

Gets good reviews everywhere.

More info: