questionswhy am i having problems using bbcode on deals ?


deals.woot uses markdown code, not bbcode, hence the issue.

Pics should come up automatically.

Links will be in the form of [text_here] and then followed by (url here), minus all my words in between. So as an example, [shirt.woot catalog]( will read out shirt.woot catalog.


@narfcake: Thanks for the info.

But what about on ask community part of deals -- to add a picture or youtube ?

Is there a handy link for markdown code ?

Thanks !



Thank you Let's see how I do.

I would like to ask one point of clarification

what is the text part for a youtube ? Something I make up to name it ? or ?? if it is not displayed, I don't get what it is.
I am guessing the the url is the whole enchilada and not just the youtube code thingy used with BBCode.

Well let's give it a whirl.... ETA didn't work first time. so I messed around & figured it out. I just have to name the youtube or otherwise nada. so just for fun :

Thanks Again for your help !


One more question.

What is code to embed an image or gif ?

and If I wanted to add my own picture. Can it be uploaded directly from my computer or does it need to be on flicker or shutterfly or one of those sites ?

cheers !


@ceagee: No code necessary. I use for my pics, and all you have to do is paste its location, so if I put right in this reply, this comes up:

FWIW, the pic is a length comparison between size ML shirts - one brand I dislike lost 3" in length after a trip through the dryer; the other brand which gained an inch-half in length when line dried.


@narfcake: How do I substitute a photo for the woot avatar above my name? (Be gentle; I'm technically incompetent with this stuff.)


@magic cave: I will try to answer your question. You must create an account at using your email addy that you use at woot. You must also have an account with imgur or some other photo-hosting site that you have uploaded a photo to. Send me a pm if you need more info so as not to hijack this thread. (Apologies to the OP). :)


@robingraves: It's all good. All about tech stuff !


@narfcake: Thanks let me try. ( I don't use that site, but will try from another.

was from photo bucket didn't work. will try again.



coudn't edit that last one out.
I was just trying to share an image that is linkable. so I cut and pasted the addy , but that didn't work.
don't have my own account for my own pics.

so what to do for situations like that ?


@robingraves: Thank you very much for your help!


@magic cave: You are more than welcome to my limited knowledge, but my tips are only good if they bear fruit. Need some more help? LMK