questionsanyone see google maps quest/dragon warrior mode?


That is fun.
You can even get street view in 8 bit.
Haven 't found any monsters yet though. :(


I found some NPC's... they don't seem to talk though


Damn. You beat me to it :).. I just asked a question about this lol - I searched first but didn't see anything - then I did it again with "8 bit" heh ..(killed it)

Anyways, this is pretty damn cool! I haven't had a chance to play it yet, but I'm gonna go try it now..

We'll have to speak up if anyone else finds something worth mentioning


Here's a video explaining all of it's high-tech features and info on how to use it :)


@drchops: Nice, I didnt realize they added 8-bit copies of places. For example, here is Alcatraz:

The Statue of Liberty:

etc, etc


Anyone know why there's a bogeyman at the New House Farm in London? Can I zap him?


That has to be an April Fool's Joke!


I love that street view is a little warrior. The 8-bit rendering is awesome!


Thanks so much for posting the quest mode treat. It's remarkable to see my apartment building (even my bedroom window!) rendered in 8-bit glory. What a hoot.


@alexwoehr: That was a Wizard from the game.... Check out Google HQ:


What's with the dudes in the beanie's? Theres a pair right outside my house in Chicago...