questionswould you be more comfortable around somebody who…


open. Anybody up to no good can see it as well, and will most likely pick another spot to be an asshat.


I'm kinda indifferent to it. Maybe it's a Texas thing, but I always assume that there's at least one person in the room who's armed. If they've jumped through all the legal hoops to get a concealed carry license, then yeah I trust them...I guess. Again, it's just a part of the culture here. We carry, but we try to make a habit of not going on shooting rampages.


I think cops will tell you they would like open carry. If the people protecting me prefer it that way, I do too.


At first I liked open carry. Then I realized that sometimes it makes more sense for the situation to carry without it being part of the fashion statement.
When I am in Arizona I like to open carry. Mostly because I can.


california is even trying to ban open carry of unloaded rifles and shotguns.
Concealed carry permit is the only way to go here...


It makes me happy when my friends find out I carry concealed. They typically know me for a long time before I tell them or it comes up, and at that point they've gotten to know me as a person instead of "that guy with the gun."

My non-gun owning friends have related to me that it makes them nervous to see openly carried firearms, even on law enforcement officers. I don't know if that's more because of their unfamiliarity with handguns, or open carry, or what.


my analogy: carrying a weapon openly is like a really muscular guy always wearing a beater. kinda comes across as showing off, and probably has the potential to invite unwanted attention.

i know showing off obviously isn't the mindset for lots of open carriers, but nonetheless, it's perception.


I think concealed is best because you attract less attention to yourself, and that is a good thing.

There's no denying that open carry attracts attention to yourself and a lot of it is not going to be good attention.

If someone doesn't know you are carrying, then they have no reason to worry or pay special attention to you. The gun is there if you need it, but otherwise you are just another person.


@rustybender: Exactly. I carry concealed, always. Some think that having it open deters trouble, I feel the opposite.


It would make me nervous either way and I would not feel safer. Maybe if it were concealed I would have an easier time trying not to think about it.


However they want, provided the way they have chosen is legal in the state/location where they are carrying.

I personally conceal, because I don't want the extra attention. I feel perfectly comfortable around another armed individual no matter HOW they carry, if I can be reasonably assured they know how to use their weapon.

That said, if they're concealing right, you shouldn't even know they have it (unless, of course, they elect to tell you).

@bnbsouthworth: No need to feel nervous unless they're actively USING it.


@rprebel: I'm in Florida, where someone having a license to carry absolutely does NOT mean they have the slightest bit of good sense or are in any way trustworthy.


@drfaulken: Speaking in totally general terms, I tend to see folks with guns on their hips as needing to compensate for a lack of something else in a fairly aggressive, in-my-fact way.

Perhaps I should add that my own household is well-armed.


@magic cave: Must. Resist. Urge. To. Tell. Florida. Joke. :)


If it's truly concealed like it should be, no one should ever be able to tell.


@rprebel: Your efforts to avoid the obvious jokes are appreciated; those of us in the blue parts of the state already have a significant burden to bear.


@magic cave: Believe me when I say I feel your pain. I mean, Rick Perry is my governor. Before him, it was George W. Bush. Pardon me, I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.


I normally carry concealed and usually a small semi-auto (Glock 26 or Kel Tec P32). I help one of my buddies who has several section 8 houses (low income rentals). He asks me to tag along and help with heavy lifting and general repairs when his adult son is out of town...then I strap on a larger weapon (Glock 21, Colt 1911, Sig P250..etc)...and yeah, it is VERY conspicious. It keeps a lot of the locals from coming over asking to borrow a dollar or something. I have had, on two occasions, a group of 'shify' individuals walk up...and when I turn to look at them or ask them if I can help look at the hardware my buddy and I have is enough for them to say "nah man..thought you was breaking in or something"..then they walk off.
Like anything in's situational...but if you're gonna carry..take the class and practice, practice, practice....


In my state, you must undergo a background check to get a concealed carry license. Passing the check means that you have a clean criminal record (no felonies or violent misdemeanors), no history of violence or domestic abuse and no history of substance abuse or serious mental illness. Do your friends have a state-issued document that certifies that? Do you? Sure, it's not a perfect guarantee, but the rate of criminal behavior among people who hold a concealed carry license is some small fraction of that of the general population. Some of the local cops I've talked to refer to the CC license as a "Good Guy Card".


I don't think I'm comfortable either way. I'm a little of scared of people paranoid enough to feel the need to carry a deadly weapon where ever they go. Mind you, it's not just firearms, even though I don't approve of them specifically. I'd be just as freaked out by some crazy redneck walking around with a sword or knives or crossbow, etc. I just don't see the point. I don't get how carrying a weapon where ever one goes could be construed as anything other than crazy, or at the very least archaic. This isn't the old west. If you want to own a gun, fine. Keep it at home. If you want to go target shooting, put it in a case in the trunk and take it, same with hunting. I don't like or think anyone should own guns but I respect the current interpretation of the constitution. I just don't see the need to carry a firearm on your person without being a law enforcer of some type. Yes, I will get voted down for my beliefs but you asked for the honest opinion of those of us who don't carry.


I carry concealed 24/7. I am also a firearm instructor. I always feel safer when I can see a gun on someones hip (assuming they are not talking to themselves or drooling) - but, I want to preserve the surprise factor for my personal defense and the defense of those around me. Open carry takes away that surprise factor.
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