questionsdo you enjoy shooting?


I realize gun deals are not allowed, so I hope this topic isn't taboo. Didn't think about it until after I posted.


I moved from NJ to TX a year ago and was introduced to the Gun culture. I really like shooting. my Wife and I go to the range about once a month w/ our browning hi power 9mm. I would like to get her a compact 22 to shoot at the range b/c I think the high power is too much for her and she only would use it at the range.


yea, i love all guns. I truly believe shooting is an experience all people should try...everybody that I've shot with for their "first time" loved it.


My favorite is pistol far the most challenging. I hunt with a 30/30 lever action. I love it because it's short, light, small kick, and the lever is a fast reload. Perfect for any sub-150 yd shot. WIN!


No, but today I'm willing to make an exception.


@atomicorange: i have to say YES!
my list of favorites isn't too dissimilar either from yours, though I prefer not to list my armory here ;) maybe it's paranoia or something on my part...


I love it. Have a Springfield Armory XDm 9mm that is so much fun to shoot and am looking for an AR-15 now.

I have to say the reason I enjoy it so much is I go to excellent training classes on how and when to shoot, for personal protection, at Front Sight in Pahrump, NV. I won't say anything about their marketing but the training there is first class. Not only how to shoot but when, get's you thinking about why you use a weapon in the first place (for personal protection).


Target practice with my uncles Bushmaster AR-15 @ 100 yards is a good day. He's got a to play with.


@wootfast: i would have to agree. .223 is such a fun round to shoot. i've been in the market for a good AR for some time now


target practice with colt pistol. Personally do not like hunting, but I have several friends who do.


Oh my...
Rarely do I get to geek out (in a good way) about firearms ( squeeeee....)
Here goes:
I train as part of a tactical shooting team.
We train in various environments and with many different weapons configurations, but usually a standard 3-Gun setup.
My pieces of choice currently are either my Springfield Armory M1911A1 and/or my Springfield Armory XD Tactical 9mm.
Shotgun will always be my Benelli M2 Tactical with Pistol Grip.
I have a soft spot for long-range rifles, and I have too many to choose from but my old standards are either a FN FAL .308 or my Barrett 98B .338 Lapua Magnum.

thanks for letting me have my moment. all systems are back to normal. :)



My dad taught me to shoot when I was 10 years old. He would save burned-out lightbulbs and take me to a remote area where we lived in Alaska, on windy days. He would throw the bulbs out into a pond and I had to learn to hit them from a distance with a rifle even though they were bobbing on the waves.

Nowadays, you couldn't do that because of ecological concerns, but back then we didn't think about those things.

I earned several marksmanship medals as a teen, and beat a SWAT sniper in a local competition a few years ago. I still enjoy going target practicing. Don't hunt, though. Can't kill live things. We have deer living nearby who come into the back yard to get the neighbor's apples and the fawns are so darn pretty...


Yes....especially zombies!

Oops...didn't read the question closely enough. Not what I like to shoot (target) but what I like to shoot (equipment).

Shotgun - really enjoy the challenge of target shooting, especially sporting clays. Do enjoy upland hunting, although don't get much chance to do so. And, not a big fan of the backsplash from using a shotgun on a zombie.

Archery - I am very fond of the walk through the woods type of target course where topographic variation and vegetation become part of the challenge. And, you can shoot a zombie with a bow and not disturb the 47 zombies walking next to it!

Better answer?


I shoot fashion models. Oh, you meant gun shooting.

Sorry, I thought you were talking about photography. LoL

But I do shoot guns, too, at one point being trained for the Olympics (rifles). That was fun.


I have a Mossberg 12 gauge and love Pheasant hunting I also like to shoot clay pigeons

I also have a Marlin .22 and like target shooting and when the Rabbits Praire dogs get of hand at my father inlaws farm I will thin the population out a little.

I guess you could call me Elmer Fudd.


I love to shoot. In the military i was a gunnersmate so I dealt with them a lot and then after the military I was a weapons handler for another company. I love my Winchester 7mm WSM but the bullets are getting harder to find and they are extremely expensive. I also love shooting my Glock 21 45 cal.


it's anterless season here right now, so we're shooting the 410 or 12 - personally, i like bow hunting but don't do well with a bow so hubby got me a crossbow - i missed last year (still say it was his fault the big mouth) and am going to give it a go again this year -

funny story - a year or so ago we were turkey hunting and i went just to watch, he decided i should shoot and i couldn't hold the gun up from my seat so he crouched down and held the barrel - i shot (missed again but got a tree!) and the damned thing was loaded so heavy that it flipped me over in my chair - i still don't trust him to go easy on me!! and boy what a bruise!!!


I've got a .22 Beretta target pistol I enjoy plinking with. Also an Ruger LCP that I use regularly.

Planning on picking up a 1911 soon, more for the history than anything else, but they are fun to shoot as well.


@segafanalways: I spend a lot of time at the range and have been keenly aware of the fluctuating prices in ammo (and the reasons). I've been using the Russian ammo that uses polymer-coated aluminum casing. It shoots fine though you'll get a dead one every now and then and it does fire dirtier than others. You're going to clean it afterward, right? It's also nice to know that when you're on your 5th box and your gun is dirty, it's still firing.

Anyway, there are a number of different brands but I've found them for about $8 for a box of 9mm and about $13 for .45s and stock up.


@tucnguyen: I always clean my weapons after firing and several times through out the year. For just shooting I get a 200 round box of .45 ammo for $80 at walmart. My 7MM WSM is a different story. It is a little more rare and hardly anyone carries ammo for them anymore. When I do find ammo it is usually about $50 for 20 so I don't get to shoot that often unless it is hunting season.


My favorite gun is my Kimber 1911 (5" bbl) but with a Marvel type 1 .22 conversion kit, steel compensator and iron sites: it does not kick at all and shoots better than I can. (I know this because my older daughter shoots it better than I can.) As a .45 the Kimber is also fun but not quite as much.

I like skeet and trap (as does my older daughter) with various gauge shotguns (I have a plain vanilla Remington 870).

I have a SIG P230 (.380 auto), primarily for my younger daughter as the Kimber is too heavy for her to use comfortably (the SIG is 17oz, vs the Kimber at 40oz, though the perceived recoil is about the same on both, at least with standard loads).

This question reminds me that too long has passed since my last trip to the range. Now that my younger one is working on Saturdays, I may start heading to the range more often.


Love it. I used to shoot in pistol and 3 gun competitions pretty regularly but took a break 3 or 4 years ago. Just this wednesday I got the opportunity to shoot some trap and had a ball. I hadn't shot trap in nearly 20 years and was never any good. (Was lucky to hit 1 out of 10.) Apparently the time away was good for me because I shot the best I ever had and was conencting with 4 out of 5. Now I keep thinking about what excuse I can use to go again.


I love IPSC. I'm not any good at it, and I know it, so it stays fun.

I also teach, and there's nothing quite like a novice recovering their first target with all the shots in the black.


I'm super surprised that nobody else has said 10/ can't beat a 10/22.


As a NY City resident, I need a separate permit for longarms (already have the handgun permit). Eventually, I'll do the paperwork and pay the fees (I have to get fingerprinted AGAIN!) and then I'll have a 10/22 as well as a Marlin Model 60 and a Remington 870 (they are all at a friend's place upstate.)

(The whole separate permit for longarms is the result of (ex-)Mayor David Dinkins... When he was elected in 1990, the NYPD handled both handguns and longarms... but the new mayor's mommy needed a job and he formed the Firearms Control Board (FCB) so his mommy could become the first director thereof. To this day I regret voting for him, though this isn't the only reason.)


I definitely do. Have many guns and practice with them all the time. Love hunting and have a concealed carry license.