questionsis netflix worth it?


For the most part, I'm going to say No. If you like a fair amount of their streaming content, go for it. Otherwise, you pay twice as much, since you can no longer bundle services. However, if you DO decide to get it, and you are using a different credit card from last time, I believe you qualify for a free 1 month trial. On top of that, if you use SwagBucks, they have an offer where you get 675 Swagbucks for signing up to Netflix through them, and a $5 amazon giftcard is 450 SwagBucks. So you'd be getting 1 month free, plus a giftcard.
Let us know what you decide to do! Also, have you considered splitting the cost with your friend?


@kllangellier has a pretty good idea in terms of cost splitting.

I personally have Netflix for streaming (I had the DVD service but was getting like 0.7 movies a month so when they split them, I opted out). The selection is...meh, but I can still find something to watch. I do find however that having Netflix AND Hulu plus I can generally watch whatever I would like. And $15 is way better than ~$50 a month for cable.

And as far as the updates go, they typically add new content at the beginning of each month. TV shows update seasons at a time and typically stay one season behind (e.g. The Office season 1-7 on Netflix while season 8 is currently airing on TV. I imagine some time this summer/fall it will show up on Netflix like 7 did last year)


It's worth it to me. I don't watch television on a scheduled basis, so just watching what is on the instant queue is enough for me. There are enough documentaries and horrible "B" movies to keep me entertained.