questionsbest mobile power pack?


Yes, I have an energizer 8000 mAh unit and it has charged up my phone, tablet, and laptop in emergencies.

Here's one place that sells it. Note that I did not do a price comparison so this may or may not be the best place to get it. I'm providing the link for educational purposes only.


I was hoping to see some of those packs during this Woot-off.


I bought this from eBay about a month ago and it's rated for 5000mAh for about $16.

So far it works like it should (but charges my iPad a little slow) and the lights it makes doesn't make any sense. But if it charges for less than $20 bucks then I guess it does the job.

Similar rebranded versions of these are sold here and here.

Hope this helps!


@cengland0: I have that also and I love it! I highly recommend.