questionshow does your family wash and dry socks in theā€¦


you mean there is some other way than for me to get to collect from the floor, wash, dry, sort, and put away?


Okay, I'll bite - what do you use to 'clip' them together? My answer: I toss them in the washer & hope for the best. I know that I put pairs in, but somehow 1 occasionally gets lost. Makes me sad for the lone sock. Have been known to pair up 2 lonely singles & wear them. ;-)


@gmwhit: they make a clip for socks just for such a purpose, but by appearances it would gather the fabric so thick in the one spot, it won't dry. try a safety pin instead, cheaper and easier to use


Wash and dry. Simple as that. They get sorted by the end of the day when laundry is done. I've occasionally had one go missing but its usually just been hidden under the bed by the dog.


Throw them all in and figure it out later! The lost ones ... they're in a happier place now.

(Yes, I have that shirt.)


Once upon a time when my daughter was a wee one, I had trouble keeping up with all her tiny clothes. My mother got me a lingerie bag much like this and I'd just toss all of her dirty clothes in there instead of a hamper, then threw the entire thing in the washer to clean. This is probably the first and last good idea my mother has ever had.

Same thing could be done for socks, I guess.


@gmwhit: I use these and I am excited to have finally found some more. The ones I currently have lasted for years, but they are eventually breaking apart. I heartily recommend these, and please note that I have no financial interest in them. :)


Mine are pinned together when we take them off. Unless the safety pin breaks (which seldom happens) as you pull them out of the dryer they're already matched!


Start warm water wash, put socks in washer, when water fills up to top, pour in laundry detergent. When washer is done, take out socks, put them in dryer, then close dryer door. Set timer and when they are fully dry, fold them or roll them up and insert into sock drawer. Repeat as often as needed.


@mkentosh: Per the question within the question, are yours done without being paired prior to the wash/dry process?


I would think the pin would rip a hole in them when going through the spin cycle. I use a mesh bag for my socks and unmentionables. Keeps hooks and stuff from catching on other clothes, or on the holes in the tub itself.

Still have to match them up when they come out of the bag, but at least don't have to go fishing through pant legs, shirt sleeves, sheet pockets, and wherever else the rogue socks end up. They're all contained in the bag.


I make sure that an even number of socks goes into the washer (I don't bother to exactly pair them).

After the wash, socks are the last thing I sort and fold in each load. I lay each sock flat on the bed, either with its mate (the pair then gets folded over and moved to the side) or by itself. Takes a couple of minutes tops to do a whole basket of socks.

Playing with pins or clips or whatnot takes longer since you have to match and pin or clip them going into the hamper or wash and then unpin or unclip them later. I've since found other uses for the sock clips someone gave me over a decade ago (my sister, I think).


Randomly throw them all in and hope for the best at the end. There always seems to be a lost soldier or two. :-(


All of my socks are identical, for the purpose of not needing to pair them.


Wow...I mean, I've been considered OCD when it comes to some things, but I would never think of clipping my socks before washing them...

Pretty much just wash them and then fold them...doesn't really take that long.
All of my athletic socks are short, no-shows, in either black or white, so pairing them is really easy.
My dress socks all have some sort of design, so it's really easy to separate them as well.
Any other random/special purpose socks are clearly different than any of the aforementioned, so again, really easy to spot them and fold them and place into a separate pile.


I buy the bulk bags of plain white (no color stripe) socks.
They all match each other and I can use bleach to kill any bacteria.
My feet are the healthiest part of my body.
I have colored sox that I never wear anymore, they are for dress slacks.
I hate dark sox because feet sweat and you cant bleach to kill germs.
If your feet stink, switch to WHITE.
The bleach smell on the dried sox discourages germs that fart and cause smelly foot syndrome.