questionswill you still buy gas at citgo?


Yes, I will continue to buy Citgo gas, BP gas, and Exxon gas as well.

As stupid as this is, most oil companies have done much worse and most people still purchase their gas. If we stop buying gas from every oil company/refinery that does something dumb (especially this minor) then we'll all be riding bikes.


@nmchapma: I agree that most oil companies have done something stupid at one point or another. This one, however, seems to be quite an idiotic move on a PR front.

I'm sure that I'll still look for the cheapest gas station that's not out of my way, but if I have a choice, I might shy away from Citgo.


I will because there are no competitively priced Citgo stations in my area. BP, Racetrak, Kangaroo, Speedway and Sam's Club are always cheaper. If Citgo wants my business they'll have to beat the price of all the others. Tie goes to anyone else.


Help me: Here is what I think I know about Hugo Chavez, I do not have sources as it is what I found about him over the years.
He tried to give aid to Florida after a hurricane (US would not accept)
He gave free heating oil to the poor.
He shared oil profits with his country (he should have been working on better infrastructure)
He would not allow outside companies in his country to drain his country's wealth (is this why everyone hates him so)


Meh. I usually buy at Murphy.