questionsdo you like the look of this vehicle?


Throwback! I'd definitely drive one of those if they made one. But they won't. Because car companies are lame.


I've owned two too many Jeeps to know better. Probably won't buy another Jeep but I can appreciate the whole Jeep movement.


Is "retro" still a thing?

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I don't like Jeeps personally. They ride like a dump truck and get horrible gas mileage, but that thing looks bad ass.


I like it. Idk why Jeep went away with their pickup truck. I had a '93 YJ for quite a while. I bought it to get through the snow back when I commuted an hour to work every day. To be honest I hated the crap out of it, the transmission was junk, the fuel economy blew (my money down the drain), and it was very impractical for its size. I used it to help a friend move once and honestly any old car has more cargo space. It was fun to drive in the snow though. I've since traded in the FWD and 4WD for an AWD car. Makes more sense for me.


If you'd like to see what one of these looks like from more than 6 inches away, here's another photo


Reminds me of a more stylish Hummer.

I will wait for the new Corvette


Not bad looking, has that old Willys look to it that I've always liked. Not for me though.


Just Expensive Electrical Parts. That is spoken as a current owner of a 1996 Cherokee. As for the OP, it looks sweeeeeet.


I like the look of it but I wouldn't drive one. Just not practical for me. But it does appeal to my retro styling sensibilities.


The stupidly oversized tires are going to throw water all over everybody else when it rains. That and the high center of gravity is going to make it unsafe. (for other victims, don't care about the driver) The huge cleats on the tires are worthless on dry pavement. (where it will be driven 99% of the time) Pickups are ugly and the weight bias is too far forward. But all of that is what appeals to trogs who like annoying everyone else. Yeah I live near a high school and get sick of it.


Looks like that thing would have horrid visibility and is trying to appeal to the same kinds of people who would drive a Hummer.
Not to mention it's a Jeep. I'd run as far and fast in the other direction as I could.


Wow! Jeep made a replacement for the Hummer, and with better styling, too.

Next question: does this thing have enough ground clearance to park OVER those tiny hybrid vehicles? Y'know, those little things take up a parking space, but there is plenty of room left over for a big old truck like this to just park right over it without the tires going over the lines on either side.


@coondogg97: I think the new Vette looks too much like a Lotus, with a Camaro rear end. It's a travesty that Chevy calls it a Stingray, as it looks nothing like the beautiful Stingrays that they made back in the day.


The name is goofy. It would be cool looking only if it were scratched up and muddy. I hate it when people get these "macho" vehicles and sissify them and drive them around like they are Cadillacs. Want a Cadillac, get a Cadillac. Don't neuter a Jeep. Someone at work drives a 1960's era Land Rover. The thing is beaten to hell, has a snorkel and a big winch on the front and looks like it went through the apocalypse and came back for more. I would trade twenty shiny black sissified Escalades for that truck.