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vote-for2vote-against about a comment as to why the DV's........this was not a rep building question and I did not see it asked before.........I thought it wouild be a funny T-shirt!


I didn't down vote you, but I don't get it.....


@mustardsquarepants: It's a T-shirt .........Don't woot while your drunk...........or Woot!.....while your naked!


If you're referring to an idea for a shirt[dot]woot t-shirt, it wouldn't ever happen. The primary reason being that they don't allow woot-related shirts to be printed as a submission. The exceptions to the "no woot-related shirts" rule are when the actual shirt[dot]woot designers (aka tgentry and coworkers) create the design, ex: the !, blurry ?, deals crab/old vote button, woot!, and woot! athletic dept. Secondly, the site tries to go for a no more than PG-13 rating feel, and parts of your idea might push the line. Plus, the first idea is almost anti-woot, and they wouldn't want to print something that could hurt their bottom line.

If you're just asking someone to go to their local screen-printing shop and make you one, that's a whole 'nother thing. In that case you could possibly get in trouble for copyright infringement if the company caught wind of it, especially if you incorporated parts of the logo.


@107bear: Why the down votes? Perhaps because you keep using that odd punctuation? I do not think it means what you think it means. Ellipses come three to a pack. Use them sparingly for true effect.

Or it's because your comments have been drinking so early in the afternoon.