questionsshould the keys be bumping against the fan on an…


Since you said Best Buy, I would point the finger at them first. The Geek Squad isn't generally known for their competency.


That's my first instinct but I want to be able to go back to them and say, "Hey, you did this wrong and this is why" if that is the case.


I would just take it back to them. If you attempt to take it apart to verify the problem, they'll just claim you messed it up and voided your warranty by taking it apart.


@sully51: I'm not actually planning on taking it apart. I just want to know if there is some sort of barrier etc. that should be preventing the sound from occurring. If yes, I can just go back to them and say they probably missed a part and make them take it apart to verify. Just want to make sure they don't tell it is my problem and then charge me for something they should have fixed in the first place. I wouldn't put it past Best Buy. They're kinda shady.


@kerowyn: given the way laptop keyboards are built, there is no possible way the key itself is hitting the fan. My guess would be that putting pressure on that spot of the keyboard is causing pressure on the fan, which is making the noise. It could be that the fan was reinstalled upside-down, to where the protective plastic that the fan itself mounts to is on the bottom instead of the top. It could also be that a screw near the fan is longer than the one that should be there, and when you hit the keyboard in that area, it is bending things just enough to cause the fan to hit it. Or it could be a lot of other things. Best to just take it in and show them what's happening. Being that it's been a couple months, they probably won't fix it for free (unless they have a standard one-year or something), so you might just want to take it somewhere more reputable.


If you still have warranty left I would take it back to them....nothing should inhibit the fan's performance. If your warranty is up, find a Mom and Pop repair shop.