questionsdo mail in rebates count as deals?


Yes, mail in rebates count as deals, but they better be very good MIR's. And yes, the title and/or description should include the MIR info. Remember sometimes just for title length certain mods may move it to the description rather than have it in the title.

I will not take the time for MIR's that are a few dollars. They are not worth my time and effort. But if I get a great price on something from Newegg that has a $30 MIR, absolutely! I don't mind waiting - I have always received my rebates.

I love Staples for the fact you can enter the rebate online and don't have to send the rebate in.

That said, I don't down vote those deals.


I think that MIR should be in the title too. I also wish I lived in Connecticut. (If a retailer markets an item as $39 after rebate, they have to pay the rebate at time of purchase.)


I definately consider MIR deals. I usually list the info in the description. though it'd probably be a good idea to just add "w/ MIR" in the title too. And on the other side of @mfladd point, really large MIR are usually a bad choice too, people don't trust rebate centers that much.

@xarous: What really? Because I live in Connecticut and never remember that. That's pretty awesome, I'm going to definately try that out from now on. Thanks.


While not a fan of MIR, it should be counted as it does make the product cheaper. And yes, it should be noted in the title.


Mail in rebates can be good and bad and yes, it should be noted wither in the title or on the first line of the description. I consider them deals and I also like Staples rebate program. What people need to remember is to keep copies of all submitted materials that way, if an issue comes up, you have proof to back up our claim.


@xarous: Thanks for the link, good info. But it seems that as long as they advertise both the retail price and price after MIR, they get around it. Too bad because Staples does MIR all the time, would've saved me some time.


@shadowhunter312: I really do understand the hesitancy of some people not to trust larger MIR's. I have found the success to always getting your rebates is thoroughly reading the rebate material. Making sure that all proof-of-purchase cut-outs from the the box/container are included, and the completed paperwork checked twice. Also, make copies of EVERYTHING!

That is why I don't like the small MIR's - time consuming.

edit: @theoneill555: you beat me to the copies part. I have found that everything we do requires copies - just see my filing cabinet :)


@mfladd: Totally agree. Usually I say a MIR between $5-50 is good, unless you really trust the company. I don't mind small rebates though, as long as they are just fill out this form and attach receipt kind, which a lot of alcohol ones are that I get.


MIR most certainly counts in a deal. It's money in your pocket, and are usually limited time offers the informed few can hop on. As such, it's a deal.

I know MIRs are annoying and inconvenient, but no more so than paying full MSRP, eh?

There is limited space in the title. Demanding it be stated there is foolhardy. Requesting it be stated in the description, however, is reasonable.

How valuable is your time that the necessity to click your mouse beyond the title aggravates you so? Most deal sites on the net have crazy ads giving computers seizures. This one has none of that, which makes the process of opening the deal and clicking through to the source pretty convenient.

Not everyone can be made happy.

Downvoting retailers posting their own site, who fail to mention the MIR in the description, seems reasonable. Voting down your peers for the same seems a little harsh. How about posting a kind request they do so in future postings, instead?


@gregorylikescheapstu: MIR is three characters. Leaving those three characters out of the title is what is foolhardy.


@scoobytx: I stand by my opinion. It's not always possible due to limited space. Furthermore, the title is meant only to inform the product featured. All specific info belongs in the description.

I do, however, think that it would be great if a tag were used to indicate it.