questionspuma sale code?


@stewy0327: maybe you should go check google and see if there is a new puma sale and then post the new deal.


@hobbit: I was asking because I am having trouble finding one, hoping someone has one


@hobbit: Thats what I did, I am not finding the same offer. Thats why I am asking here, your link did nothing for me.

Isn't that what this questions page is for, if you have a question or need help you ask?


@stewy0327: Nothing wrong with asking for help. Help has been given. I'm with @hobbit. While Ask the Community (formerly known as Ask the Wooters) is a group of pretty helpful people, we do not work miracles. We can advise, and even guide, but we cannot do magic.

You have two good options. You can stick around, and next time a sale pops up, jump on it. You can go out and find a great sale, and come back here to post it (and share with others that might have this same interest).

Yes, AtC is for asking questions, but there's no guarantee that you'll get the answer you wanted. You don't always even get the answer you deserve. Sometimes help is quicker when it appears that the seeker as made an effort to find an answer than when assistance seems to be, well, demanded.


@stewy0327: Well, you asked, and then @hobbit answered. Once you ask, and someone says here's the answer, you have two polite options. Ignore it, or thank the poster. You keep coming back, annoyed that no one has given you the answer you want, and you seem unwilling to find it for yourself.

By the way, your capslock key is stuck.

[Edit] Dang it. The OP removed his comment. Pfui.

[Edit again] Miracle. I'm sure that's what you meant, right?

[Edit even more] Dang it. Removed his comment AGAIN. Cheaters never prosper.


Just in case he comes back: usually has some decent coupons. Works best if you already know the retailer you plan on using, but it does have a decent search feature.

(Looks like I missed another kerfluffle, dang it all!)


@jazcat: I am nearly speechless. That was almost spiritual. I loved it. sniff Thank you.