questionswho would you want to see?


The Big Bang. The meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs. Krakatoa going boom (the shot that really was heard 'round the world).

As far as shows, the first ever production of Romeo and Juliet, the one and only time it had a surprise ending. To hear Giovanni Battista Velluti sing. The obvious choice, Woodstock.


I'd like to see the pounding out of the Constitution - specifically as they debated what to do.


@mtm2: I'd like to see that, too. Those people were a lot smarter than those we have in D.C. at present.


All good answers! Makes mine seem kind of shallow- I was going to say "an intimate concert with Van Halen when Sammy was still in the band." or maybe Rush when they are jamming in the studio.

But Jesus, definitely Jesus!


@trekmiss and @tcayer both answered with my exact thought. Can you imagine seeing the loaves and fishes miracle firsthand? Or water turned into wine?


Who killed JFK! I'd have to be on the grassy knoll, storm drain and book depository all at the same time though.