questionswhat did you think of wwdc this year?


After reading your link, I'm still wondering what WWDC means. I'll back away from this acronym. :)


I watched it live, and it was great. I can't believe they're only charging $20 for OS 10.8. $30 for 10.6 and 10.7 was nice (okay, it was awesome), but $20? Love it. I was worried when they glossed over the Mac Pro update, but it turns out they're just putting off the big update until next year.

That new MBP...I covet it.


@gionot: Thanks. I'm technologically dysfunctional sometimes.


4 or 5 of my coworkers are there, lucky dawgs. I watched the keynote and am awaiting their debriefing for the rest of us :)

Liking some of the iOS6 features. Simple, but elegant. And the new maps look like the rock - provided the content is as thorough as Google's.


I like what I've seen so far. I do want the new MBP, but I realize that my eyes don't work well enough to actually feel like I get my money's worth from "retina display" (I'm missing parts of my real retina), so I'd be happy to just get a newer MacBook.

I love the iOS 6 previews - especially the decline/message part for iPhones, enhanced Siri, and sharing with PhotoStream. And, um, a lot more.

I do miss Steve, though. And that's why I'm reading cnet & Apple's website rather than watching the keynote. I was fortunate enough to work for Apple once, and was at a MacWorld keynote with him. Aaah, those were the days...


@phoenixgirrl: the next couple of weeks are the perfect time to get a used Macbook all the crazies will get desperate to sell it and get the newer model