questionswhen i want to take back my upvote, why does it…


Just hit the up vote button again.


The Up and Down vote buttons are toggles and radio buttons.

If you click the Upvote, you can un-Upvote by clicking it again. If instead you click the Downvote, you both un-Upvote AND Downvote, leaving a Downvote (which you can then click again, to un-Downvote).


@mtime098: doesn't work for me. I just tried with your comment. You had 2 votes. I upvoted you to 3. I downvoted you and then you had 1 vote. If I hit the up button again, you have 3. But you were nice and you replied to me, so I will stop there!


@baqui63: Eureka! I get it. And this is probably what @mtime098 meant as well. Ok, well that is simply not obvious. I guess you can teach an old wooter new tricks from time to time! Thanks to you both!


@baqui63: thanks for the explanation. I have experienced the same unwanted effect as @caron7 and did not know how to undo it either.


if you see something weird, just refresh the page to see what your actual vote is so far for that deal


@caron7, @pickypickypicky, @kophia:

You're welcome.


On my Android tablet (Acer Iconia with stock Honeycomb 3.2 browser), and with FireFox and Chrome on my PC, when I vote while viewing a deal, and then hit back to return to the deal list, I find it is necessary to refresh to see my vote. This is not a problem with IE.


Thank you @caron7 and @baqui63! Up until now I'd just click the thing until it had the desired effect.


I've had the same problem. Thanks for asking the question, and thanks to those who answered. I have now accomplished my goal of learning something new every day, and I can go back to bed.


@moondrake: sweet dreams! I am glad others had the same question - I felt a little dumb once @baqui63 explained this. We definitely need a really good FAQ for users because there must be all sorts of things we haven't figured out!