questionshow are your ncaa brackets doing?


I started a pool at my workplace.

With the end of the second round tonight I am currently 22/24, missing Mercer and St. Louis. Luckily I had the Duke and NC State losing in the next round anyway.

Still, pretty good I think.


I'm in the second part of the question.....I don't care. I will watch some games, but I really have more productive things to do with my time.... I can catch the highlights on the interwebz.


I saved my money this year and didn't participate. We have a big flat screen in our kitchen at work and I catch parts of games when I go in there, but otherwise it's a busy time of the year so I'm not focused on it.


I am in the office pool as well as the one over on "Everything But Woot". I'm not doing nearly as sucky as I expected. I know nothing about basketball, but did a little internet research and picked a very safe bracket. I had Harvard, but changed my mind at the last minute - doh! I figured "Two years in a row - no way!". I did pick North Dakota State, though!


Also in the EBW brackets and currently tied for first place. Woo-hoo! It won't last. I haven't seen a basketball game since my kids were in middle school and that was 25 years ago.


NCAA... that's basketball, right?



I was nearly perfect. Only missed Mercer and now SDSU.

But as long as my Wolverines are still in the tourney, I'm happy regardless.


Mercer all the way!

The rest of my picks have gone down in flames....

Go Bears!


Goodbye Kansas State. Goodbye Kansas. Goodbye Wichita State. Arghhh!


Picking my alma mater (go Sun Devils!) to reach the final four may have been foolhardy, but I'll likely win prizes if Virginia beats San Diego State in the championship. I only play in free pools, like cbs sports and local tv/radio.