questionswhat's your opinion on the new amazon coupons?


I agree, an unnecessary step. I guess they want to get on the coupon bandwagon. With the countries current economic woes coupons use is more and more prevalent. There are whole website dedicated to just coupon shopping. In my town there is an excellent site that matches up store sales with coupons for MAX savings. I use it all the time.


By having coupons rather than just a reduced price, it's an extra step. And there will be a good percentage of people who won't take the extra step - and that means Amazon will make more money.

So it's a good idea for them, less of a good idea for consumers.

Also, Amazon's coupons don't work for everyone. These showed up, but there have been others that just don't display and I'm told they're not applicable for where I live.


Coupons serve a larger purpose for the company that provides them. They are used to move certain products. Whereas the discounts were automatically applied to the items in the past, consumers were not necessarily aware the discounts existed. This method both advertises and entices consumers to purchase that particular item because they consumers will see those items as they flip through those coupons.


I understand why they're doing it. Agree w/those who have explained before me. Coupons do not encourage me to buy products I normally wouldn't buy/try anyway. They have an uncanny knack (joke) to target me for items I do buy, so if they sent me an em or had another way of showing me those, I'd like it. For now, I do not like it & won't be clipping.


Dammit, there are some pretty tempting coupons here. I might as well just start signing over my paychecks directly to Amazon at this point.


Aside from the fact that some won't click the coupons (more $ for Amazon) I think there is something psychological that happens when you click on the coupon vs just seeing the discount already applied- it more so feels like you're REALLY saving money.


I think adding that step is just a PITA. Just when I've mostly stopped using coupons in B&M stores now we're seeing them in onlines store. Yecch.


I didn't realize this was new - I actually used the Crest Whitestrips "coupon" yesterday after finding it on a Google search for coupons. I think it's great that Amazon has even deeper discounts, but you have to remember to check it, that's the thing...


These coupons have been around for a few months now to my knowledge. I see everyone saying it is an unnecessary step but didn't see anyone saying anything about the manufacturer. I think that's the difference between these and Amazon's regular discounts. Most physical coupons are from the manufacturer and not the retailer so I assume this is the same.

I don't think it's too bad because the items that do qualify for coupons usually announce it on the product page so it's really just an extra click.


@portezbie said: "Dammit, there are some pretty tempting coupons here. I might as well just start signing over my paychecks directly to Amazon at this point."

As other have said, it's a form of advertising, and above is a prime example of how it works :)


@rabidmonkeyoncrack: You are most likely right about the offers coming from the manufacturer and not Amazon. I "clipped" a coupon from Phillips for their basic Sonicare toothbrush, for an additional $10 off. I almost bought the same one at Thanksgiving, but decided to wait/forgot about it. I had already planned on the purchase, so this was extra incentive to do it right then and didn't really cause an inconvenience.
I do use coupons in B&M and online, but really work to just use the ones for items I already use or have a specific need.


@proxgotsthafia: What is your definition of "new"?

The first time I recall using a coupon that was available on Amazon's site was over a year ago. Here's a link to a thread about the deal.


@anotherhiggins: Thanks for your contribution to the actual topic.