questionswhat is the most annoying gift you have given to…


My son, who lives with his mom, got an electric guitar one year, and a doumbek (a type of drum) another year. He's gotten pretty good with the drum.


Wrapped up a gift so well my brother couldn't unwrap it without a sharp knife and help... Another year I packed about 8 boxes, each within the next largest and then the gift was hidden in the largest box under some newspaper beneath the other boxes... It took a half hour to open all of the boxes one after another as he found them within each other only to discover the smallest box was empty... The floor was covered with newspaper packing and empty boxes... I had to tell him the gift was still in the largest box before it was thrown out...


I got a thinkgeek annoy-a-tron and hid it in my mother Christmas tree one year. It lasted a couple weeks and no one could figure out what was making the noise. Sadly I forgot to get it before I left so it went out with the tree.


@vistaseas: I love popcorn!! The Tin wouldn't have lasted the day unless it was the Carmel coated stuff... To much sugar...


@captainsuperdawg: Thanks... It was a lot of fun with him throwing newspaper all over the place and digging for the next box... Everyone thought it was funny...


When my daughter was little my brother bought her a squeaky toy for Christmas. I sent it with her the next time he babysat. They never bought my daughter another noise maker.

When my nephew was 6 I bought him a set of drums, a microphone, and a guitar for Christmas, all with a amp. My nephew is now 12 and he still uses all of these to annoy his parents AND siblings.

(FYI there is 6 years between my daughter and my first nephew so he had no clue I would do something like that)


One year I gave my much younger sister a dolly that had legs that simulated walking (scissor action). The legs were attached inside the doll to a long rod that also attached to two little metal pieces that were behind the soft plastic lips - so when she "walked" the doll, the mouth opened and closed like it was talking. We older sibs were quite taken with the potential for harm in the pliers-like action of the inner workings. We sent her to go show it to Daddy, and instructed her to invite him to stick his finger in the doll's mouth.

We heard his scream of pain from the other end of the house.

Yes, we were horrid teens, just awful, I fully admit it.



No, you weren't horrid teens...just normal teens...