questionshow do you feel about copying recorded music from…


I think You are still the legal owner of the music but Without the originals You can't prove it easily. Make sure You get a police report with a detailed inventory of the albums that were stolen.


Technically copying music from a CD is illegal in the first place unless you have explicit permission from the record label or a third party associated with the label like Ultraviolet.

I wouldn't worry about it though. If you aren't sharing/distributing the content, I doubt anyone would care.


@skispeakeasy: Technically it is a grey area. It is legal to make copies but I don't think it is legal to convert CD format to MP3 or any other format without permission.


under current laws it is legal to make a backup copy, in the format of your choosing (CDR, MP3, FLAC, Wav. AAC, etc.) It falls under a category called "fair use". If stolen or destroyed, you still have legal rights to the backup you made. If you give away or sell the original, technically you're supposed to destroy/delete the backups.

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This is not substantially different than the question you asked a couple days ago, and is absolutely no different than the last time this exact question was asked.

We're not cops here...we REALLY don't give a damn. Sell your CDs and claim they were stolen. The law is very explicit on the matter and leaves no room for interpretation. Very few people are currently behind bars for selling their CDs and 'forgetting' to delete the MP3s. One wonders exactly where you draw the line at what laws you decide you will obey and what ones you feel are stupid and therefore can be ignored, but it looks like the penalty for ignoring this one is almost non-existent. If you can sleep at night, go for it.

However, when you get busted for something else, they seize your computer and tack a few extra (or a few hundred extra) charges, don't come crying to us.


@stile99: I guess this question is from a shill from the RIA or some such organization and judging by the down votes on My previous answers lots of people don't like the truth, Then again I prefer fantasy/Sci-fi to a lot of reality but I still try to keep up with the law since what You don't know can hurt You and ignorance of the law is no excuse.


@kamikazeken: The document you link to does not agree with you. The best it can claim is that "many lawyers believe" it is legal. On the minuscule chance the RIAA drags your cheeks into court, you'll have to hope they can convince the judge they're right.