questionsdo you air your wines?


I have a Vinturi and a Soiree aerator. Both work but I lean towards the Soiree as better. I have never decanted unless you count swirling in the glass.


For reds, now always. I have a Vinturi, and I think that it really helps to open up the wine without decanting and breathing. I have a really cool decanter, but I don't like to use it for day to day things. Keep you eye open, the Vinturi appears from time to time on Woot.


No, but only because the boxes don't really have a way to do so. Otherwise I would. I mean, I want it to taste it's best, you know?


I picked up a Vinturi with stand via a Woot-Plus deal a month or so back (I got the red wine model). Each pour through it is supposedly the equivalent of 30 minutes of breathing.

So far, I've been experimenting with it and have found that while it definitely makes a difference, it is not always a positive one.


@bingo969: I've been looking at this Vinturi that the other responders have recommended. From what I can tell one pours the wine from a bottle or box or however it is packaged into the Vinturi and it dispenses into a glass. If I am right about the operation, then you could air boxed wine.

Hopefully some of the other responders will LMK if I am on the mark about the operation of the unit and if I am incorrect describe exactly how they use it.


I do not plan on investing the $$ in a vinturi any time soon. For some wines it'll be worthwhile to hyperdecant. (AKA: Mixing it up in a blender.)It's really hyperaerating, so you'll want to be doing it to younger wines rather than finely matured ones.