questionsanyone know where to get cheap reloading brass?


cheaperthandirt usually has very good pricing on firearms stuff. I know they sell reloading equipment and I'm sure they have a wide selection of brass as well.

It all really depends on the caliber you're looking for.


Totally read this as "bras", sorry don't have an answer, just had to see what reloading bras were.


You could also check natchezss (in TN), though I haven't looked for brass in some time (have more than enough for my own use at the moment).

Is it even worth it to reload 9mm (I'm presuming x19)?


Another cheaper idea, but much more time consuming, is to go to a local police firing range. My local range has three or four guys who pick it clean all the time. I love not having to pick up brass. I don't reload, and the people I work for don't save their brass.

I know that at the one range we shoot at we have to "police" up our brass and it sucks. Especially when we shoot at night. Nothing sucks more than being cold wet and tired, except finding little casings with a flashlight when your cold wet and tired.

A lot of law enforcement agencies don't like to use reloaded ammunition, so the casings will only have been fired once.

The last range I was at had tons of 45, 9mm, and 223 rounds lying all over. As we were leaving some old guy came by in a truck with buckets and waved to us. I also know that some hunt clubs will let you in for all the casings you could want.


I used to take my daughter with me to the range, turn her loose with a bucket, and set her to work while I shot.


Occasionally you can find some good prices at

vote-for3vote-against has really great prices on once fired brass rounds. had a deal awhile back for $100 worth of ammo for $50 from; I managed to get 3 of those with 3 different accounts and they went to good use.


@ecriscit: Good suggestion. You could probably get your brass at many shooting ranges. Few people police their brass and, if they have range etiquette, they'll sweep all the brass into a pile in the corner. Of course, the hassle is picking the ones you want from a pile of different cal and even the cheap Russian aluminum casings (which I use).

That said, ammo is so cheap again, that there's no real economic reason to reload. If it's something you enjoy doing or like to customize your ammo like a hotter lead, then its a different story.


Awesome, thanks for you answers guys!

As for the brass at ranges...the ranges around me actually sweep em up and sell them, as like 'random bags of brass for $xxx amounts', but i haven't tried all the ranges around me.

My only scare with russian ammo is the places where i can get it don't specify whether or not it's berdan or boxer primed. And as for prices...where can you get cheap 308 ammo? All of the ammo i've found is about a $1 a round. After it's all said and done i can reload for about $.80 a round, granted it'll take awhile for ROI, but it's also something i like doing to pass the time :)


Franklin Wi. will have FOR SALE several thousand pieces of 308/7.62x51 once fired lake city military brass prices as follow as soon as i get cleared by the D.O.D. in the next few weeks was wondering if some one would be interested in acquiring some you could put your order and get dibs on it thanks.

As is no cleaning or processing has been done 500 pieces
$85 shipping included. if picked locally $65

As is no cleaning or processing has been done 1000 pieces
$155 shipping included. if picked up locally $125

As is no cleaning or processing has been done 1500 pieces
$220 shipping included. if picked up locally $190

As is no cleaning or processing has been done 2000 pieces
$290 shipping included. if picked up locally $245

payment PAYPAL and POSTAL CHECKS or cash face to face..

I will not ship to MA, DC, or DE. By ordering you are certifying that it is legal to receive brass in your area.
Local pickup is always available.
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