questionsdo you have amazon prime? if so, would you…


I got a free month back in November, which was perfect timing for all those christmas gifts. I didn't renew, but it is a great service. Yeah, I'd definitely recommend it for any frequent Amazon shopper.


I have it, I like it. Those who have it can 'gift' it to other non-prime members, up to four or five, and the gift memberships last as long as the main one is paid up. Great for families or groups of friends who don't want to individually pay the fee.


@kayak206: I hadn't heard of the "gifting" aspect of Prime, so I fired up the googles and they told me you could share Prime with 4 people in the same household. You could share it with your friends if you told Amazon they were co-workers, but all the shipments (I believe) would have to go to the same address.

Have you shared/gifted your membership to anyone at another address?


It is cheaper than a years worth of Netflix and has alot of the same stuff.

The free 2 day shipping is great and the $4 overnight shipping is even better for those as impatient as me.

If you have a kindle you also get the "Kindle Owners Lending Library" which allows you to read books from their library.

I have had Prime for a little over a year and love it. Also, if you are a student you can get the basic Prime account for FREE or the full Prime account for $40.


@rprebel: Yes. Perhaps everybody has to be in the same household spiritually or something. But my amazon prime account is shared by family at different addresses in my city, state, and across the country. And any shipment can go to any address, even addresses not associated with any prime account shared or otherwise, you just specify where you'd like it to go at checkout.


@kayak206: Nice. I'll have to see if my brother's down for splitting a Prime membership.


@justincredibleg: It should be noted that to get the Kindle lending library free book per month and the Amazon Prime free videos, you must be a paying member of Amazon Prime and cannot have a free account.

My wife and I both have paid Prime accounts even though we are happily married and share everything. We did this so we could use the Kindle lending library book each for 2 kids (one on each of our accounts). I'm not sure that was worth it, but she tells me it is (I don't read much). There is some other value to two paid accounts anyway.

The greatest thing about Prime free shipping is that you never have to worry about meeting the minimum purchase to get free shipping and never have to worry about calculating shipping costs when shopping. Many items we buy are frequently less than $25 and it is so nice to simply not care about quantity, shipping times, or adding more stuff to the cart to get to $25.


@rprebel: From what I have heard you can have multiple users and multiple log-ins on one prime account. I am not sure if that is accurate but that is what others have told me.

And yes, you have to have the paid version ($40 for students, $80 for everyone else) to take advantage of some of the features, which I mentioned but wasn't clear about.


What I understood was that you could only share your account if you are a full $80 paid member. I am a student and have a $40 student account. As far as I know I cant share my account because of my student status.


Absolute only thing I'm disappointed in is the prime instant video selection. Lots of movies are on instant video, very few are available to prime members (at least stuff I want to watch). But I love the 2 day shipping, and since I live in Seattle, I sometimes am able to get same day "local express delivery" for 3.99. Pretty awesome, though I do have to pay sales tax being in WA.


I have a free student account and when it runs out I will absolutely pay for prime. It has become a godsend. YOu can even get used books now shipped through prime. I don't think there is one thing I can complain about.


I'm on my last few months of a free 6-month "trial" (longest trial I've ever seen).

It's pretty awesome, especially the free 2-day shipping. I doubt I'll pay for it when my 6 months are up, but I have to admit with all that free 2-day shipping (and the free books every month) that it would pay for itself pretty quickly.


Heartily recommend it! We have four different family members allowed to use it and we made up the cost within the first 4 months of having the membership. We did a majority of our Christmas shopping though Amazon too.
Can't beat "microwave delivery," especially when we find we need something ASAP.


I wish the selection of Prime instant videos was was more complete and more organized. Lots of paid rentals available but not too many that are eligible for prime free instant view.


i like it, wish the video selection was beefed up, i mean with how big amazon is they could snag a few licensing deals you'd think


When your go-to source for 'stuff' is Amazon, having Prime makes complete sense. Getting free shipping isn't hard on Amazon, but getting free "2 day" on any amount, and $3.99 per item for overnight shipping, is an easy choice for those who rely on nearly instant gratification. Also remember that you can add 4 members of your household so they get the same deal. Sweet!


@wormburnr: Just an FYI - I share my son's free (he got the 1 year) Student Prime account.


If you order more than 12 items a year I highly recommend it. Free 2 day and $3.99 overnight you can't beat.


I have an original paid Prime account, and it's easily one of the better investments I've made in the past 5 years.


on the rare occasion that Amazon messes up your 2-day shipping, a quick chat with Customer-Service gets you a non-expiring $3.99 credit


I still love my Amazon Prime, after many months. As I've mentioned here before, I find it really helpful as someone who lives in a city without a car. Big stuff shipped free! Woo-woo!


I also love my Amazon Prime, I use it constantly.

However, I have the student 40 dollar version and I'm not sure I would pay 80 for it.....maybe 50.

I also never use the video service.


@lavikinga: Ha, ha! Microwave delivery! I have actually ordered 4 or 5 microwaves from Amazon over the years - all delivered free, most of them after my Prime membership began. I was an early adopter and I use my Prime membership all the time; it has absolutely paid for itself over and over. We watch free movies. We get almost everything delivered free - including toothpaste for our big family. I definitely recommend Prime membership to anyone who shops online regularly.


I don't even notice the $80 / yr any more. It is just too darn convenient, and we more than use that much worth of shipping.

It was great for sending Christmas gifts across the country, I could just send them as I found them. No worrying about finding everything at once (or out of stock) and making a big order.

Same was true for gifts for those close to me. I could order items as I thought of them, which guaranteed I wouldn't forget those items. "Free" two-day shipping, so who cares if I have 20 separate orders!

Also makes ordering pre-packaged food really convenient. The Shirakiku Udon packets are great, as an example, and a pretty decent price, so any time I think we need more, I just place an order.

It can make emergency electronics replacements easy as well. Had an SSD die on me, had a new one in 48 hours.

The Amazon CC only sweetens the deal. Any time I "need" something (quotes as that is subjective...) I earn points to spend on more things I need!


I did the Amazon Mom & Amazon Student and then the discounted $39/Amazon Student Promotion. I still don't know if I would pay $79/yr (even though I have had 443 orders placed in 2011; most of which were prime).

I did get about $20 in free MP3's from Amazon during their $1MP3 credit per order shipped slower than 2-day for Prime Users. I just separated all of my orders into 1 item each and reaped the benefits. So my $39 Amazon membership cost me $19 essentially..

Well worth it!


I love my prime membership. I have the one for students so I only paid $40 for it. I've more than made up the cost of it in money saved for shipping. Or buying something else just to get the free shipping.


I have the prime and love it. And I don't use it to the fullest extent. And I've sort of split the cost with my 4 additional people. =)


Prime rocks and I wasn't a big Amazon backer until a few years ago when I signed up for Prime. Now I use the free 2 day shipping and video streaming all the time. It totally pays for itself if you order just a few items each month, and it makes gift shopping and shipping at Amazon really easy and fun. The time and money I've saved not going to the mall and not wrapping and sending packages is likely 10x the cost of Prime membership. It's a godsend for busy people who know what they want.


I've had it since within a month or two of when it came out and love it. Started paid, then got a free year as a student and currently get it half-price as a student.

If you have it free (as a student or mom) you do not get the video / book access or the ability to share. Half-price student version (after your free year) does get full access to the videos and books, but you still can't add on a person to share it with.

However, if you pay up front you can share access and THEN convert to get your free year as a student/mom. Anyone that you have already shared access to will maintain that free prime shipping access even while you're on a free or half-price status; you just can't add anyone new to share.

With that said, I primarily use it for shipping. 3% back from the amazon visa on amazon and 2-day shipping on anything makes it very easy to purchase things without having to worry about bundling things for shipping. The video selection is kind of limited, but hey its free.


@rprebel: Check THIS out :D

(The option is to send the package to a different address, just in case I didn't make that clear :D )

I bought something for somebody else and had it shipped to them one time...I THINK they added this feature for the Holidays. Or else I didn't notice it before then..

Either way, neat-o right?

Letting people use Prime is genius.. That makes Amazon SOO much money. They've made a load of money off me and people I know, because they hooked me up with pseudo-prime (student)


I had a year's worth through Amazon Mom. I'd love to have it again, but I have to find $80 that couldn't be better spent elsewhere.... and since we just finished Christmas and are already looking towards Spring Break and one of the kids' birthdays... yeah.

If you guys have small children I'd highly recommend the Amazon Mom program for diapers alone. I think they've reduced the discount to 20% off on the Subscribe and Save (I have 30% on mine) but IMO it's still worth it. Part of that may be due to the fact that I buy these horribly expensive Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers (kid has allergies) - I'm saving $10-15 a month (price fluctuations on Amazon's side) having them delivered to my front door.


How funny! After reading through everyone's answers, I thought, "Well, I have Amazon Prime and love it!" What I didn't realize was that I had movies and the ability to check out books with my Kindle. That just makes my Prime membership ever so much better!

My Prime membership paid for itself in the first couple of purchases as I got it right before my husband and I bought a new house. I used Prime for the deals and the free shipping. It's awesome.

Not to mention - pre-ordering books and movies? You get them on the day they come out and don't have to pay any extra for the shipping. All included with your membership.


Yup. I have it and love it. Had a free 1 year student account. When that ran out they asked me if I wanted to renew at $39 a year for two years I believe it was. I made the obvious choice at that price. ^^


Prime sometimes causes me a bit of pain...spur-of-the moment shopping for whatever. However, it came in really handy this week when I got free two-day shipping on the ink cartridge I had just run out of.

Haven't tried the streaming videos or the Kindle Library yet.


I use mine all the time and I'd definitely recommend it. I didn't shop as much online until I got it, now that's like all I do. Being able to get stuff for free in two days or get it for $3.99 overnight can be a life saver. Really did save me a lot at Christmas, that's for sure. :) The Instant Videos are pretty decent as well, has everything for free with the Prime that you'd be able to stream on Netflix, possibly a bit more. You don't get DVD's in the mail, but instead of that you just pay to rent and stream the new releases basically.


I got one month free with my Kindle Fire but I haven't used it yet. I'm not sure I can do much with it. I guess next time I go to the mall/library to log in I can check around and see if there is anything interesting I can download.

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Does Amazon Prime for students include the video streaming for free? I can't get anything free on my Roku despite me trying multiple times.


@katanaryda: Hey, Amazon Student only comes with the free shipping and text book discounts, you have to pay for the full $79.00 membership to include the movies and and kindle lending library.


@devexityspace: Gosh, I never would have done this - I always try to be environmentally responsible and combine shipping wherever I can. I wish Amazon was better at combining the shipping on orders. I often place several small orders over a day or so period, but rarely can I combine shipping as the orders enter "shipping soon" status too quickly. If I don't need the items quickly, I let them accumulate in my cart for a day or two. I did get a few $1 MP3 credits, but did not try to stretch this. All that packaging and fuel for shipping seems wasteful.


I'm a fan. The wife and I have more than made up for the cost in just the free 2-day shipping. On at least one occasion we paid the $3.99 for overnight shipping. That's just crazy cheap to me.

But they know what they're doing. We've probably bought a whole lot more stuff from Amazon, instead of other online sites, just because of the shipping savings.


For shipping, it's great. The quality and offering of streaming titles could be improved. If you look at IMDB Top 250 movies available on Amazon Instant Video at - you'll notice that out of more than 200 titles available on Instant Video, only ~30 are on prime