questionsdo you know of a cheap wireless keyboard for macs…


I think it would be pretty unusual to find a wireless keyboard that lights up. Remember that those are battery operated so the designer is trying to help you preserve power so you don't have to replace those batteries every day.

You can get a nice wireless mouse for any Mac at the Apple store. Look for the magic mouse. It uses bluetooth so you do not need a dongle.

Regarding a keyboard, Apple doesn't make a good wireless one with a 10-key keypad built-in. For that, you can get the Logitech K750.

I would recommend a keyboard designed specifically for a Mac instead of a PC because there are special keys that the Mac will take advantage of such as the Option, Command, and Eject buttons.


I'll disagree with @cengland0 a little bit. You get a lot more choice with Windows wireless keyboards. The Windows key works as CMD, Alt as Option, and you can add an eject icon to the apple menu bar at the top of the screen. If the special keys don't map correctly it can be manually adjusted, but I find that to be rare. It's just that the keys are in a slightly different order than on a Mac keyboard (Command and alt/option are reversed). That doesn't take long to get used to.

As far as what keyboard to choose, I can't say. I use a Microsoft Natural Keyboard and it's definitely not for everyone, but they do make a wireless version. If you do a lot of typing, you'll pick up on its layout fast, and it's very comfortable. It's also bulky, so if you want wireless to move it around easily, you won't want it.

My favorite mice are the Logitech MX Anywhere or Performance Mouse MX. Longer battery life than Bluetooth.


@omnichad: I agree that you can use a PC keyboard but it does add some inconvenience. Yes you can use the Windows and ALT keys if you want but usually there is only one Windows key whereas an Apple keyboard has two Command keys. It would be like typing on a keyboard with only one shift key on the left and no shift key on the right. It will work but is annoying.

Other keys you get with Apple is the Dashboard, brightness, volume, and clear keys. You get function keys for F13 - F19 as well. True that you can use a keyboard without those because you can set volume and brightness in settings and the dashboard can be accessed with the mouse. It's just not the ideal situation.


@cengland0: The MS Natural Keyboard's volume keys work on the mac out of the box - I assume this would apply to any multimedia keyboard. I'm not sure what the clear key is. And if this isn't a laptop, the brightness keys may not be needed (when I had a Mac laptop, I only changed the brightness when on battery to save power - and then, I wouldn't be using a wireless keyboard).

Honestly, I never use the right-hand modifiers on any keyboard - not even right-shift. Maybe that makes me rare. But this makes most CMD shortcuts one-handed.

Is the clear key for clearing an input box? I just use CMD+A and start typing. To clear on the calculator, I use the dashboard calculator and the 'C' key works fine for that.