questionswill it ever stop raining?


My prayers are with those people across the USA who are suffering from the continued severe weather. May you find peace and comfort during these difficult times.
Makes my complaint about the rain seem trivial...


This is a crazy weather time we are having. With the bad storms that killed all the people in Georgia and surrounding states, to the huge drought and fires here in Texas, to the massive flooding of the Mississippi, to the huge tornado in Joplin, and now the volcano. It looks like this stuff will never end.

Best wishes to everyone involved in all of this.


Sell umbrellas. Surely, they'll be going like mad this week. Then use your earnings to go somewhere it never rains.


What's wrong with rain? Think of it as a nice change of pace, a new experience! =) I've personally been enjoying and taking advantage of it.


chip in for an ark. then line everything up 2 by 2 but this time don't forget the dinosaurs


@loubriccant: You must be a weather person on TV. Or did you stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night?


I live in South Georgia and we need the rain BAD. It hasnt rained in over two weeks, and the last rain was very short. Its been over 95 degrees every day since too.

Then again... Im loving my dead grass that I dont have to cut every.. single.. week.