questionswho wants to see what the new woot-offs will look…


I was just wondering that myself. I think we're due for one this week. This next woot-off may make or break my decision to stay around though. If it mirrors the last two woot-offs and lacks the great "impulse buy" deals that they used to have, it may be the last straw. If they bring back the good ol' woot-offs where I literally can't leave my computer for fear of missing something spectacular, I'll stick around for a while!


It does look like this would be the "product info" page versus the actual "front" woot page, but good find nonetheless. I would assume the sirens would be bigger on the front main page, hopefully? Otherwise I agree, those could actually be pretty easily missed at that size....


I was actually wondering that from day one of the reboot! Lemme see, I'll just click this link and... Oh my... That sucks.


I'm not sure I care too much any more about Woots offs because they have been pretty disappointing as off late.


Those sirens must be really small, because there are no sirens on that page at all.


"Who wants to see what the new woot-offs will look like?"



Thanks for finding the design. At least it's an indication that there will still be woot-offs.


It looks good. Lets hope it's not full of Lock-N-Locks and Dysons.


I was thinking the Woot plus (or side deals) would minimize the amount of future Woot Offs.
Not saying they'll go away but now they can just blow out things every few days instead of running a woot off every other month or so.


You want the Woot(off)?
You can't handle the Woot(off)?

j5 j5

Looks good! Now that I'm back in the right time zone, I'm excited about my chances with the BOC :)


what is this sorcery? burn her! i mean, him

nice find! :) i can't wait


I cant help but notice the $5 all you can ship thing is on this test woot off page. That would make the woot off very interesting.


I'm more concerned about the products and prices, but I'm pretty broke right now so I guess it doesn't matter much for this month! I do hope the sirens are larger. That's the fun of it, plus it keeps me awake!


I'm underwhelmed, and I'm not easily underwhelmed.