questionscan you not chew a hard candy before finishing it?


@sully51: That's good to know, now I can chew till my heart's content! I've actually always been afraid of cracking/breaking a tooth, I guess my mom put that fear in to me.


@lmensor: It's actually worse for your teeth to suck on candy than to chew it up. The longer it's in your mouth, the worse it is. Basically a sugar bath for your teeth for the duration.


I'm a dissolver, not a chewer.


@firebirdude: We just have what so many do not: Patience.


I must be the weirdo here, as I have no problems keeping any hard candy until it's just a thin sliver. I'm just prolonging the enjoyment I guess? I really don't even think about it...


Sees butterscotch. Absolute perfection.

I'll tell you folks a story. Once, many moons ago, I had a peppermint candy wheel (I don't know if they have a real name) as an after-dinner mouth refresher. I tucked it into the rear upper right corner of my mouth next to my molars and promptly forgot about it. About 2 hours later, it fused itself with my teeth. I was so worried that it was going to take my tooth with it if I tried picking at it, so I kept drinking warm tea to make it dissolve quicker. It loosened eventually and fell off with no problems.

To this day, whenever I tuck it up into the corner of my mouth, I am repeatedly reminded of that day and worried about it getting stuck and taking my teeth with it. However, the only way I don't bite down and chew on hard candy is if I tuck it up there, out of the way. Catch-32 (we have 32 teeth :D)


So -- how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?

I have never counted, but I have done it. The only time I can't is when it has air bubbles in it, and I know that licking it will cut my tongue. Then it must be crunched.


Yeah, I'm the same way, I almost always end up chewing it, biting at it, trying to break it up. I consciously try not to because I know it's bad for my teeth but I really can't help it. Same thing with ice, if I can get to it easily I end up chewing on it, so I try not to drink things with ice unless I'm using a straw or say a tervis tumbler with a lid.


The things you've listed - no problem.

There are some soft mint candies that NO MATTER WHAT, I cannot keep from chewing them...sometimes about as soon as I pop one in my mouth.

Tootsie Roll Pops are different, I can wait till I've found the soft center on them.


When I was a kid, I always tried doing that with life savers. I could usually get them down to almost nothing before they'd break between the tongue and hard palate. I was an odd child.

Some things never change.


I think I'm the same way - I can do it if I concentrate on it, but I will unconsciously chew. I have never paid attention to gum, I will have to try that next time to see.