questionsdid you hear about the bill in ny that would…


Doubt it will pass. And once it does, just how do you enforce it?


Yep. Then I posted anonymously on various message boards about how dumb it is.


Hmm, a bill to ban victims of spousal abuse from safe participation online, and to enable stalkers nationwide. It probably will pass. The only people entitled to anonymity these days are those influencing our elections through contributions to superpacs.


psshh... i consistently post my home address online.

in fact, here it is for anyone that wants it:

935 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20535


@carl669: I live a few blocks over at 1600. We should meet up for dinner sometime.

Back on topic, proxy servers, VPNs and the like destroy any shot of this bill actually targeting the right people.


@curtisuxor: I'm at 1684! We're neighbors!

Back on topic, I don't see it happening. Too many backdoors to try and close.



NY politicians can be such morons... About the only thing I can say in my state's defense is that those in DC make most of ours look downright intelligent.


What a waste of time. Even if this bill were realistic (and it's not) there are enough people out there with the skills to fake an ip address and still post anonymously.


@curli76: And on top of that, what defines "The Internet?" I can set up my own web server in under an hour and make it part of the "Internet" off my cable modem. If the server isn't run in the state of NY, then the state of NY can't demand records from them to enforce this.

If this passes, it might force a mass exodus of web hosting providers to other states. But what happens if you break the law? Someone submits a court order to an out-of-jurisdiction web hosting service who says "No, we don't have to." And nobody is convicted under this law.

And using the word Internet is even more vague. So they don't just mean web pages - they mean everything else that runs on the Internet. XBox Live, skype, phone service, etc. is all Internet, even if it's not the web.


I hope this dies in spectacular flames.

From my woot postings you all could potentially know quite a bit about my family, and that we're expecting a new member soon. No way in hell would I tack my address up besides that information. Not to say that any of you are insane baby from the womb snatchers, but who would want to even remotely take that risk? Also, I'm pretty sure there are already laws in place to protect those under 13 posting on the 'net, so the little cyber bullying trolls anonymity would still be protected, while our personal details would be welcoming every nut in the area to take a neighborhood tour.